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An Apology to Soil

November 29, 2009

We had an interview with Soil but due to technical malfunction the entire interview has been lost!

This means that all the funny and intriguing stuff we found out is gone, but the highlight is thus-

The band have their heads screwed on right, the lack of ego is awesome and the guys all seem to just enjoy playing the music and performing for the fans.

There is no pretense and they understand the need to still play the music of the old line-up with absolutely no bitter attitude toward it.

The four piece band seems to truly enjoy what they do and enjoy the Idea of just taking the good with the band and growing stronger as an act.

Between that and drinking paint stripper-esque vodka and eating Kettle crisps, it was a good interview and the band answered with honesty and style.

We WILL catch them next time and ensure you get a full interview, rock on!

The RC team



November 29, 2009

Even though Soil were Supporting, they were who I was there to see, and I was interviewing them during the headline (Shinedown) so Soil is who I shall review.

Solid and energetic, with a complete change to the Soil of old, but they don’t forget to play the song that made them famous, although, let’s be fair, it made the band name famous as the band is almost totally unrecognisable now as a four piece.

The band played well, consistently and really drew the crowd in, and for a support act this was very well done, especially since I thought that it would be a one song run, but the crowd seemed fired up throughout and there was a burst during Halo but nothing that paled the rest of the gig.

This new Soil is one to watch out for and I truly think that if the public let them forget the band of old then they have a great future in front of them.

8.5/10 – Solid!




November 29, 2009

The metal mammoth that is AMON AMARTH returned to the Manchester Academy for what felt like the millionth time in the last couple of years.

Seriously, they seem to be there every five mins and they sell out, amazingly.

This was Halloween night, so all the costumes were out in form, the band hit the stage and to be fair to them, performed their usual set list with a few tweaks and additions, the fans seemed to lap it up at points and at others seemed too inebriated to know what was going on…

I would tell you highlights if I could think of any, but I really can’t.

This time I have to be honest, it was a tight gig from all involved, tight and accurate and… dull as dishwater.

Yes, this is cruel criticism I guess, but I just can’t seem to connect with a band that stands in one spot, swear a little at the crowd and swing their long hair around a little. The lack of any form of showmanship when the music you play is essentially filled with fantasy cheese is just old hat and unforgivable.

You want the whole viking image to work, give us a viking stage show damn it!

All in all 5/10 – Average and boring, the 5 is for the fact that the music is tight and executed well!



Impious – Death Domination

November 27, 2009

With an album title like ‘Death Domination’ you kinda get the gist of how Impious will sound. Citing the likes of Slayer and The Haunted amongst their influences you know your in for a rough ride and these Swedes don’t disappoint. Stand out track ‘I am The King’ is a brutal three minute eight second assault upon your nerves. True its nothing ‘new’ but it doesn’t try to be, what it sets out to do it does and it does it in a way that looks set to f**k you up big time.

If you like your music fast, straight to the point and stripped down then this is the album for you. With hints of death legends Necrophagist (minus the sweep picking) if this band doesn’t blow you away then you must be bigger than Goliath himself. It won’t be for everyone and isn’t the best introduction to the genre but for the junkies it will do perfectly well till the next major fix arrives.


Mr Bogle


Gwar – America Must Be Destroyed (Reissue)

November 27, 2009

It doesn’t feel like 25 years since the mighty Gwar first crash landed on earth and by now it would seem their sick of us. But just as an extra kick in the face to those who have tried to imitate the bands prowess  the raw alien power of ‘Crack in the Egg’ and ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Never Felt So Good’ have not been matched.

Ok time to cut the bulls**t and get to the point. As anyone who has heard Gwar will know, the band are more about show than sound and after witnessing the debauchery that was their Wacken set its easy to see why. This album remains timeless though and could quite easily have been written 2 days ago and would sound just as fresh. The reason being that its not overly ‘of the time’ its just a good, straight up, drinking album. Something to get pissed to at a house party. Whilst its a reissue many people may not own it and with the additional material you’ve never had better value for your money!

Long may they remain on Earth!



ANTERIOR to premier new material at UK shows in December

November 26, 2009

ANTERIOR have announced a short run of dates in December to close the year and air some of the new songs they’ve been busy working on over the past few months.

“After being confirmed on the Garage show with Sylosis we decided to add a short string of dates in some new places and venues that we haven’t hit before. We are using these shows to play some new songs for you guys so you can let us know what you think!

We are all very excited to play some new material live as we have been writing for the album and have not been near a stage since August. Playing live is always what we have loved the most and we cant wait to get back out and see in the festive season in some new cities, its gonna be a blast! See you there…”

Catch them at:


December 2009

12th    PONTYPRIDD – Club Y Bont (with MALEFICE)
13th    COLCHESTER – The Twist
15th    BOURNEMOUTH – Champions
16th    LONDON – Garage
(with Sylosis, Ted Maul, Savage Messiah)

ANTERIOR are looking to record their highly anticipated follow up to 2007’s ‘This Age Of Silence’ early in 2010

‘THIS AGE OF SILENCE’ is out now on Metal Blade


Metal Fans = DUMB

November 25, 2009

Yes its a fairly bold statement for a site that interviews metal bands and likes their music. But its also true. Metal as a whole is pretty f**king dumb…the lyrics, the culture, the fat gits who go to the gigs and drool at the sight of a glimpse of female breast…’bier fur titten!’ I mean…really…I’ve got the point now where I like my music to have a degree of intelligence and sadly most really don’t.

Without doubt my album of the year..and one of my now all-time favourites is the masterpiece that is ‘Crack The Skye’. I mean yes its a far cry from Mastodon’s early work and a large amount of the ‘crust’ has been lost in favour of a much clearer sound. A sound however..that has infinite depth and a sense of enveloping atmosphere that is inescapable. The lyrics are a whole new level of intelligence and showcase the genius of the bands writing with them being able to cover some of the darkest and most complex concepts ever tackled.

Another prime example of this would be the mighty Tool. A band whose sprawling landscapes and philosophical depth are unmatched in the music world. ‘10,000 Days’ features some of the finest metal songs ever written. Not only are the musicians simply incredible but the atmosphere that the music creates is unparalleled.

Fair enough not every strives to do this but when my local ‘alternative’  night is now full of fat d**ks who still get excited at the sound of ‘Duality’ over some speakers. At Bloodstock this year the ‘4 DJ’s of The Apocalypse’ played..’Davidian’ then ‘Duality’ then ‘Book of Heavy Metal’ then ‘Walk’ every…single…sodding…night it gets just a little tedious.

I could rant for many more hundreds of words but the point is that it would make sod all difference..much like saying ‘get rid of racism’ won’t end it..all that will happen is those who agree agree and those who don’t…well don’t. That’s pretty much it to be honest…

Mr Bogle