Beneath The Sky – In Loving Memory

June 9, 2010

Label: Victory Records

Oh look, some more deathcore. Actually, Beneath The Sky also owe a lot to Killswitch Engage, with some clean vocals that sound almost exactly like Howard Jones. They never quite get there though, at least in terms of decent anthemic chorus’s.

On paper, Beneath The Sky should rule. They mix a lot of good things, they do it well, and there’s a lot of great musicianship on display too. So why are they just “OK”? I guess that in sitting between Killswitch and more “metalcore” bands, and heavyer deathcore bands, they sacrifice the anthemic catchyness of the former and the aggression of the later, instead ending up rather directionless.

Maybe I’m being harsh. They do a lot right, and what they do wrong, they don’t really do wrong as much as misjudge. There are some good moments on display, with some genuinely great riffs, as well as the title track, which boasts some great gentle mid-album respite from the rest of the slightly-better-than-mediocre metalcore.

This is their 3rd album, so it’s probably too late to hope that they’ll change, but either way, they should. They’re so close to greatness. The last song, Embrace, I’m hoping is where they’ll start to venture now, as it was a slab of easily the best on the album greatness.




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