Lightning Swords Of Death – The Extra Dimensional Wound

June 10, 2010

This band’s name and the album cover left me somewhat confused. On the one hand I expected White Wizzard-esque shit aka power metal with songs about ‘dragons’ and ‘maidens’ and you really just end up thinking ‘grow the fuck up and start living in the 21st Century’. None the less the album cover lead me to expect something heavier and all the more appealing but then (running inside joke alert) I read the press release;

It began seven years ago when a pact was made within a dilapidated house hidden in Southern California. It was here that Autarch, Roskva and Menno found themselves in agreement that should the occult sciences be applied to music, the results would prove extremely dangerous to their sanity, yet yield spectacular results. LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH, as they would name it, would be in itself a meticulously designed hyper-sigil constructed to direct and antagonize the limitless dark energy that lurks within the less navigable chasms of the human mind and the space between spaces.’

If that joke passed you by, go back over my archived reviews and you’ll see that they all sound like Guy Ritchie trying to explain Revolver. Musically this album ain’t half bad, it’s solid black metal approach doesn’t go against the grain but still manages to sound impressive. The fundamental flaw though is in the awful production quality, fair enough Wrath Of The Tyrant sounds unbelievably shocking but considering it was made for the price of a few biscuit crumbs and some coffee dregs it’s forgivable. The murky sound on this record just makes it sound pretentious and ends up being painfully dull.


Mr Bogle



  1. Black metal albums tend to sound like shit due to their low production quality. It’s more metal that way apparently?

    • In the same way that wearing for thongs and singing about dragons makes Manowar more ‘metal’.

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