June 10, 2010

Label: Massacre

Well I suppose I should start with a little info first just to butter up your literary pallets.  Mammutant, were to start well there is nothing special about this band to be honest, I mean they did follow in the footsteps of Gwar, Lordi and Scooby Doo villains and decided to dress as monsters so they get points for that, but I don’t plan on making a big deal out of as it’s been done before.

There a metal band plan and simple, they got this cool little industrialesque thing going on which works in the bands favour, the lead singer is alright, but again nothing special the so a C for him, the riff are generally quite good but the solos are a bit wank so that even it out for a C. The band overall is just OK and the album is OK, it’s not that it’s a completely mind-blowing or completely shite it’s just sitting in a void of satisfactory, there the kind of band I wouldn’t go out of my way to see live but I’d probably see them support a better band, I wouldn’t buy the album but I’d listen to it. You see what I’m getting at here, the band are moderately good.

I guess it’s time for Pterry’s album high point and it’s this the song Take No Prisoners TAKE NO SHIT!… god if only I was reviewing Rust In Peace which is coincidently is a fucking masterpiece, but no it’s back to atomizer, I think I had a natural soft spot for because  of said song by Megadeth, but it’s simply a crunchy death metal riff, which is ye olde fashion way to play death metal and as a huge fan of bands like Cannibal Corpse, Six Feet Under, Death, ECT. This song will naturally earn its way into my good books.

There’s little more to say about this album the riffage is top-notch, the vocal are satisfactory and the solos are kind of shit. So if enjoy crunchy songs being played by dudes look like they should chasing a stoner and his talking greyhound around an abandoned warehouse then this is the album for you if you’re looking for something that really adds something to the metal scene then I guess save some money and keep your eyes peeled for some new albums on the horizon… or you could just listen to Rust in Peace.




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  1. Spoken like a true Steve French-man.

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