Equilibrium – Rekreatur

June 19, 2010

Label: Nuclear Blast

I love Equilibrium. Not only because they make awesome, awesome music, that fills you with a strange epic vibe that makes you want to run up the nearest mountain. And not because they have one of the cutest bassists in the biz, whos husky German voice has stayed with me since I interviewed them last Bloodstock. The real reason, is that they are my all powerful “fuck you”, to anyone who suggests that I’m in any way biast against Folk or Symphonic metal. Because I really can’t get enough of them right now.

Their last album, Sagas, was also a terrific offering, with much the same vibe as Rekreatur, and although they said they would when I asked, the band haven’t really changed all that much from how they were back then. This is far from a bad thing though. Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Rekreatur, like Equilibrium as a whole, isn’t exactly the most original thing going, with its plentiful uber-melodic riffs and pan pipe interludes (it even has a 13 minute last song for christ’s sake), but Equilibrium just write such amazing songs that it really dosn’t matter. It’s cheesy, its melodic, it’s very “Folk Metal”, but in the best possible way.

If you call yourself a fan of Pagan/Folk/LOTR or whatever you geeks call it now metal, then you better goddamn buy this! I myself will be pounding it for my next Warhammer game!




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