New Whitechapel video is suspiciously reminiscent of JFAC

June 19, 2010

Whitechapel: The Darkest Day Of Man

Job For a Cowboy: Embedded

Surely I’m not the only person who noticed that this video is pretty much a direct rip from JFAC’s Embedded. Song’s pretty cool though, just wish it was named something less vague than “The Darkest Day of Man”, with a video depicting equally vague supposedly ominous images. Preferred it when they were just singing about straight up torture.

All deathcore bands do this now…first album full of breakdowns and pigsqueals, before they become ultra vague theme-wise and move in a more standard death metal direction. Not that any of Job For A Cowboy or Whitechapel’s recent output hasn’t been awesome, but patterns in music are always usually a bad thing.


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