ReVamp – ReVamp

June 19, 2010

Label: Nuclear Blast

It can sometimes be tricky to effectively review symphonic metal without incuring some kind of introspective moment where you just wonder if you’re just being harsh on the genre as a whole. But then you remember that Sirenia album, The 13th floor, which showed that it dosn’t have to completely dissapear up it’s own arse in sickening prog/classical pretenses. Then all the other decent bands that just kind of get swept aside in a general sea of trite.

I would try and review Revamp, but it’s kind of hard because after listening to the whole thing I am completely unable to recall anything. I checked to see if it had actually completed, and not just crashed, but no, it had somehow completely passed me by with zero impact. This is a musical prawn cracker. I am genuinely quite intrigued by it’s apparent time shifting ability, as I remember playing it, then silence, but nothing inbetween. They should use this CD to help people forget traumatic experiences.

Yup, it looks like we’ve hit a new level of unspectacular spectacularity. Props to anyone who can keep their concentration throughout!




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