Burden Of Grief – Follow The Flames

June 20, 2010

I’m not sure whether it’s a deliberate irony (or purely coincidental) that the album title pretty much sums up what it is Burden Of Grief do, Follow The Flames or to give it it’s full title Follow What The Band In Flames Do. I mean, the singer could just about pass for Anders Fridén with a chest infection and it does feel somewhat like the songs that didn’t quite make it onto The Jester Race or Clayman. Considering the superb quality of those records it’s fair to say that this album ain’t half bad, not all that good, but still.

Falling into that irritating bracket of albums that aren’t terrible so I can’t rant, but aren’t good enough to really pay much attention to. A little research shows that these guys have actually been around roughly the same length of time as the Swedish giants but have probably always walked in their shadow somewhat. The main problem with this album is that it just won’t stand up against a masterpiece such as Jester I mean it’s like someone saying; ‘Sorry Robert De Niro was ill so we got Danny Dyer to fill in.’ Ok so maybe not that shit, but you get the point. At the end of the day only the very hardcore will find any lasting enjoyment in this album.

A fact which is itself a real shame, because this record is pretty solid. Maybe a better comparison with the De Niro metaphor would be Peter Calpaldi or Trevor Eve, masters of the small screen but nowhere near as effective on it’s larger cousin. In that way then if Burden Of Grief do ever come to a town near you they’ll most likely be playing some small, run-down venue big enough for a hundred broke metal fans, but you can guarantee it’ll be hella fun.


Mr Bogle


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