Indica – A Way Away

June 20, 2010

Label: Nuclear Blast

In keeping up to date with the metal scene, and wading through many, many mediocre releases, I am used to treating all female or “female fronted” bands with deep suspicion, as this is usually a huge gimmick on the part of some silly symphonic band from Scandinavia that Nuclear Blast will churn out the new version of monthly, featuring long songs, tedium and self insisting operatic vocals leaking from every whored out gaping orifice.

However they recently gave me Indica, who are different enough to provide a rather pleasant pass. They’re from (where else) Finland, and at times do morph into pseudo classical wankery, but most of the time have a far more credible sound, that is much more classic metal, with synth parts augmenting the rest, instead of taking over and raping everything into oblivion.

This CD was really quite a pleasant surprise. At the onset of opener Islands of Light I was pretty certain I’d have to endure another symphonic wank fest, and while Indica have some very symphonic elements, it’s usually kept in check, and used to support Jonsu’s really quite intriguing voice. It’s kina sharp and almost scolding, and miles away from the fannying around in some octave in the clouds style, ala every other female singer in metal. Ultimately, it’s what gives Indica their unique edge, and makes them so special.

There are some really great vocal hooks on offer here, and if you want a break from the standard operatic fare, then this is the right place. “Scissor, Paper, Rock” and “Straight and Arrow” are particularly poignant examples of this great songwriting, combined with a lovely unique voice.





  1. Check out Arch Enemy if you haven’t? Awesome band with a female ‘singer’.

    • Haha, Arch Enemy are a household name!

      But it’s kina a different style

      • Lolz

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