Early Graves – Goner

June 21, 2010

Label: Metal Blade

It seems everyone is sounding cleaner than a clean trophy awarded to cleaner of the millenium by the I.C.A (International Cleaning Association). Whilst this is often a good thing it’s remarkably refreshing to hear an album with low production (that isn’t black metal) and a a result actually seem incredibly fresh and throughly enjoyable. Goner lasts just 25 minutes, that’s shorter than Reign In Blood. The mixture of hardcore and punk is as raw and intense as anything Converge have ever produced and for once that’s a comparison that it would seem fair to make.

I imagine that the large majority of sites will condemn this album to the shit heap before actually giving it any real attention. As a result it’ll most likely end up in the ‘criminally underheard’ section of the internet forums. But as  result it makes the experience for those that do hear it, and what’s more give it the time of day. Which considering the majority of albums feel like a stick of gum that’s been stretched so far it won’t actually return to it’s original, compact state.

‘Wriaths’ is without doubt the album highlight, it’s simply beautiful. With an intro with a guitar tone to die for and an inescapably brilliant ‘live’ sound to the whole piece it’s a song to really lose yourself in. This record is a must for all fans of noise and hardcore it’s difficult to really get lost in modern music but thankfully the likes of Early Graves are still around to save out collective sanities.  I realise that I’m spewing shite now so I’m just gonna go listen to Goner again, and again… Yes, it’s that good (and short).


Mr Bogle


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