Enforcer – Diamonds

June 22, 2010

There’s a tendency in the metal scene to label something as ‘dated’ if it’s not overweight bald men scowling as they play pointy guitars. As one of the widest spanning genres in musical history, it’s short sighted not to appreciate the different facets of a finely carved gem that is metal. Apparently, Enforcer found the part of the stone that’s all sing along choruses and dual guitar solos.

Don’t be fooled, this isn’t a hair metal album, but as the name suggests, a NWHOBHM flavour is prevalent all through the album, stirring up memories of Angel Witch, Saxon et al. There’s the emphasis on the groove of rock and roll, and the hammer of late 70’s metal, and admittedly there is a pinch of Ratt in the mixture, mainly in the vocals, but what Enforcer have done is quite an accomplishment. While it’s eerily reminiscent of Steel Panther, it’s great to here this kind of music with a modern production sound that isn’t riddled with knob gags. Running In Menace in particular has everything that Enforcer have gone for, if you see them at Bloodstock this year I guarantee you’ll be singing along before the end of each song.

At forty minutes long, it doesn’t outstay it’s welcome and has certainly ignored the Iron Maiden tendency of eight minute tracks. At least half of the songs on offer could be taken out as singles (if it was 1986, admittedly). The only gripe I really have with Enforcer is that they’re a bit of a one trick pony, however well they execute that trick, and the longevity of a band that has made a promising second album is my sole concern when they hit album number three.




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