Rhapsody of Fire – The Frozen Tears of Angels

June 23, 2010

Christopher Lee just started talking. I need to change my trousers. He did a pretty grand job on Symphony of Enchanted Lands Pt. 2, possibly the gayest name ever for a metal album, and despite some killer artwork, was mostly Luca Turilli’s brother playing weird folk instruments and not a lot of metal. I have no idea about the follow up, but the day I pay for another RoF album is the day I pull my own toenails out.

Thankfully, TFToA is a proper power metal album. The huge epic sound that we’ve to know (and perhaps, love) of RoF is still ever present and as an experience TFToA is a great record. Rhapsody of Fire have never really into the massive choruses of Eeeeeeeemarld Svoooord times for a while now, so there’s not a lot here to please your avid stadium killer fanatic. It’s also as shreddy a paper shredder shredding a box of Shreddies, so the plank spankers will be kept exceedingly happy. It’s quite an improvement back from the days when it was much more focused on the power, and I hate the term ‘Hollywood metal’, but RoF seem to be edging ever closer to it; we’d probably have to have our low jaws surgically repaired if they’d been recruited to do the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. However, if you don’t even have a passing interest in power metal avoid this like the plague, you will hate

I was never the biggest fan of the Italian’s earlier work, all the folk nonsense got a little bit twee and despite some really cool folk songs, it was very hard to take it seriously as part of their discography and less like an afterthought because they had twenty minutes of studio time left. I’m happy to say that TFToA is more about dragons than ever and less about fondling other men in leather jerkins.




  1. Well let me just say that I enjoy it. That doesn’t mean the music is good, or the singing is good, or the lyrics are good, or the arrangement is good; but I guess the concept is quite good.
    The impression I have is that Sir Lee had been talking to Rhapsody and Manowar and he wanted to do a heavy metal album, but it seems like the guy who did most of the producing and arranging just hates metal, as all the heavy sections are oddly quiet (his other work includes producing the likes of the Minogue sisters). Still, the album is pretty hilarious in a sad kind of way.

  2. Speaking of Christopher Lee, have you heard his album? It’s pretty funny.

    • He has an album? I couldn’t imagine anything worse…

  3. Not a big fan of power metal, huh? Well, I have to admit I got tired of the genre years ago and became really selective since, because of all these bands sounding the same (and it’s still pretty much the case IMO), always the same happy-catchy riffs and high vocals… but if you like well-done symphonic metal, Rhapsody is one of those bands who rarely disappoint. As cheesy as their lyrics can be… SOEL II and ToA were both closer to film music than POWER metal, but I still enjoy them for some reason. I mean, the music’s really good. However, I’m happy they did a real metal album again… TFToA is pretty good, not the best thing they’ve made, but still more-than-decent and very enjoyable. Even though I feel Fabio’s vocal skills are on a decline…

    About C. Lee’s album, it’s a bit boring and redundant, but nothing unlistenable either. Doesn’t compare to Rhapsody, though.

    Oh and just saying, the flute player is Staropoli’s brother, not Luca’s. 🙂

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