Taking Dawn – Time To Burn

June 24, 2010

Long ago, I was a cool kid and got myself a Myspace. After a few months an unknown band called Seventh Son added me to their friends list, which meant I was cool because bands wanted to know me and possibly get a hummer from my girlfriend. Flash forward a year or three, I hear they’ve changed their name to Taking Dawn and HOLY SHIT suddenly these guys are on the main stage at major festivals and supporting Kiss. Taking Dawn have worked long and hard to get to Roadrunner and their debut album is a testament to their commitment to this point.

Time To Burn is a mixture of all our favourite bands from the stadium killers of the past thirty years. The title track kicks things off in rather good fashion, combining solid rhythm, catchy melodies and some very good guitar work. It’s refreshing to hear a new band that doesn’t go for the full technical approach and trying to play as many notes as possible, every sound has a purpose and is brought to live by the excellent production that having a budget provided by Roadrunner can afford. A word of warning, however; if the slightly scene vocals of the Bullet for my Valentine-type bands annoy you, you will hate the vocals, no question. There’s no extremity to them in terms of pitch, which isn’t detrimental to Taking Dawn’s sound; it’s a solid performance that’s punchy and memorable.

As far as songwriting goes, Taking Dawn have really pulled it out of the bag. Every other song is a an absolute corker, and the ones that aren’t obvious festival singalongs like Fight ‘Em With Your Rock’ are far from filler. What was criminally overlooked about nu-metal was the that the big melodic singles from bands like Disturbed and Linkin Park were great examples of pop songwriting in metal, an art which is continued on Time To Burn. As a band, they’ve listened to a whole host of influences from the 80’s and 90’s and meshed together to create a classic metal band with a modern approach to a timeless formula. Time To Burn is intensely optimistic and hard to dislike, but if you do hate you probably listen to Anathema you raise your spirits, you glum bastard.




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