New Genre Idea-Gore Blimey (for the heavy English gentlemen)

July 10, 2010

A few months back I wrote an article called where do we go from here, in which I put forward the question how will the music we know and love change and will we still love it in what ever form it takes. Now I think I invented the single greatest form of British metal ever, it will make the British New Wave movement look like shit… I mean shite. It is as the title of the article suggest Gore Blimey, the music form so English it wears a bowler hat.

So what songs will be part of the Gore Blimey scene, well here’s a few title for you future Gore Blimey fans to sink your teeth into, Boiling Alive in a Nice Cup of Tea!, Cricket Team Gang Rape and Number Ten dooming Street. Even got the first album name GOREdon Bennet.

This could be huge and any band out there take this information and use it you ”ll be huge (within the UK). Think of all the band names you could have, Fish, Chips and DEATH!, Impailed on a Pin Cushion, A Pint of Murder, theres just no roof on this thing!



One comment

  1. Blimey to the core

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