The Last Felony – The Last Felony

July 13, 2010

It’s probably a fair testament to my ever fluctuating mood that I really enjoyed this record. A standard dose of straight forward deathcore it could’ve caught me on a really good day, in which case I probably would’ve hated it. But since I’m currently nursing a numb jaw after a dental filling, this record is definitely the right medicine.

In terms of audience, if you like Whitechapel/ Job For A Cowboy/ Emmure (delete as appropriate) then you’ll most likely dig Felony.Whilst its not overly technical and in all honesty a pit of a carbon-copy musically, there’s a (I’m gonna sound fucking retarded now) genuine raw energy that it posesses which just makes it brilliant.

At the end of the day, you’ll either like it or you won’t (that’s obvious) but there’s something really genuine which goes beyond just making a lot of noise.


Mr Bogle


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