Whitechapel- A New Era Of Corruption.

July 13, 2010

Label: Metal Blade

Whitechapel have always been a band to stand out slightly from their peers, their ferocity and triple guitar assaults combined with a relentless “fuck you” attitude has earned them a strong cult following thanks to their last two albums. “A New Era Of Corruption” gives us the atmosphere of “…Exile” while probably not quite as technical it still retains that manically aggressive feel. The first two tracks blast out of the speakers as if Whitechapel themselves where stuck in them, a desperate onslaught of a caged beast inches away from tearing your fucking face off. After the first few tracks the album kind of finds its forumla and stays in it for the rest of the album, not to say the songs are bad, but from track to track they don’t change much and at some points I found myself checking to see if the next song had started yet. That said, live I’m very very sure that these song’s will destroy venues across the globe, as they still maintain that insanity and schizophrenic desire.

On the whole, “A New Era Of Corruption” isn’t a bad album, and their recently announced live shows with Job For A Cowboy will be something to look forward to off the back of it, but it’s not as good as “This Is Exile”. I find myself missing something, perhaps more grit and emotion from the music, a few tracks do ignite it and get the blood pumping, and when that happens it’s fucking insane. For an band capable of something as awesome as “This Is Exile” it’s a tad disappointing. For the deathcore scene, it’s still better than most of the shite out there.




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