Amorphis – Forging the Land of a Thousand Lakes

July 16, 2010

Label: Nuclear Blast

Yes, it’s a perfectly ample and well sounding live recording. I’ve heard better live ones, but it’s not terrible. Just kind of pointless like all live albums. But it exists. More importantly, have you ever had a live album that was actually good? As in better than just getting the actual albums?




  1. Live albums have become a corner stone of classic rock. What about Live After Death, Strangers In The Night, Live & Dangerous, Made In Japan and countless others? Live albums capture rock and metal bands in their perfect setting, live on stage. To say that a live album is totally pointless is absolutely redundant, its simply an extension of saying that there’s no point seeing a band live because you have their albums.

    The whole point of albums originally was to capture a band’s live sound. What better way to do it than an actual live record?

  2. The main problem is that live albums are regularly used as a filler. ‘Live After Death’ is an example of a live album done well, as is ‘Live Shit’ but so often they’re just… well terrible.

  3. Sometimes its used to fulfill contractual agreements, like a greatest hits…

    Slipknot’s 9.0 Live is so much better than anything they put out after that tho…

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