Thulcandra – Fallen Angel’s Dominion

July 22, 2010

Label: Napalm

Regular reader’s will know that I have a disdainful view of most ‘trad’ metal genres and sub-genres. Anything which to me seems to half-arsedly drag together two or more existent genres and try and make their music sound new and interesting… until you hear it. Thulcandra are a good example of this, the music is best described as clear-cut, by-numbers, black metal. The kind of stuff the elitists will snub because it’s actually achieved some sort of mainstream release.

Label bossess, fear not for there are many fat goths who’ll quite happy lap up anything with a growled vocal. Musically, this album is pretty standard. In many ways it’s one of the worst kind of records to actually review because I have no real interest in the band or this kind of music but I can still tolerate it. It’s by no means terrible, but even so I find myself itching to change the soundtrack. But then I’m left with a feeling of emptiness as I don’t really have anything to say about it, thereby failing Journalism 101.

All in all, I figure that if you’re the type to go in for ‘Black Death Metal’ (because one extremity just wasn’t enough) then you will very much enjoy this album. On the subject of the ‘genre’ are they perhaps aiming to finally end the 30 year feud between the two sub-genres? Where they both use much the same instruments and the same grunting excuse for vocals.  Except one lot are satanists and the other lot are fat… simple enough really, so does that mean we have fat satanists? or Satantic fat people…


Mr Bogle


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