Limbionic Art – Phantasmagoria

August 12, 2010

Label: Candlelight

I used to have a set rule when it came to album reviews. I would listen to the entire thing with an open mind before putting pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) to compose a balanced and thought out reflection. Now, with the amount of utter sludge I find myself having to wade through I really can’t be arsed most of the time. If the first track bores me, its likely the rest of them will and I don’t see why I should waste my life committing self-torture.

There’s nothing particularly wrong with this album just that after two songs I felt more like driving a rusty nail into each eye before I listen to any more. Thankfully I didn’t I changed my iPod to Pendulum instead. Sanity restored I realised that I still needed to do some kind of write-up. So here we go, well as I’ve already made clear this album failed for me from the first strained note. Whilst this probably has more to do with my own personal music taste as opposed to the records musical credentials I don’t get paid to do this so I’ll be as bias as I fucking want.

On its plus side the music avoids the black metal pitfall of piss-poor production for the sake of it that doesn’t stop it being a cliché ridden mess. It does sound like at least one band is making something of an effort to keep this particular genre relevant and for that they certainly deserve praise. It’s better that Dimmu Borgir for a start.

Well there you go, my first review in fucking ages and pretty much more of the same. But for as long as by-numbers albums are produced I’m going to offer by-numbers reviews.

Mr Bogle


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