Rhapsody Of Fire – The Cold Embrace Of Fear

September 9, 2010

Oh shit, it’s another RoF concept EP. It’s got weird words with too many hypens in the titles, spoken word passages and stuff about secrets, angels and all the delightful tat we’ve come to expect. It’s a story divided into seven parts, but I’ll be damned if I know what’s going on. “It’s an avalaaaaanche!” cries some poor bastard as he’s crushed by something big and heavy. Probably an avalanche.

I’m not really going to waste bandwith telling you what RoF are all about, because if you’ve read my review of Frozen Tears… it’s essentially more of the same, and sounds like they ran out of time on the album. The centre piece track is a fifteen minute behemoth of a track which is nothing short of spectacular, a rare occasion where RoF outdo themselves, as well as the other two songs on the EP.

Yes, I said two. Earlier I said it’s seven parts, but RoF have decided than rather to release a three track CD, they’ve slapped four spoken word parts with airy keyboards  that you’ll never listen to again. Thanks guys, just what I always wanted, more forgettable shit on my hard drive. Way to ruin a killer EP.

8/10 – For the music

3/10 – For the other bullshit



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