System Divide – The Conscious Sedation

September 14, 2010

The opening track of this record is as brutal as Whitechapel and all and sundry sound suitably impressive, and this is true up until… the female vocal :/now I’m no fan of Lacuna Coil but I have seen them live at numerous festivals and know that whilst System Divide may copy their formula, the heavy parts of this record are distinctly heavier than their (likely) idols.

However listening to this record reminds me of exactly why it is that I can’t stand Lacuna Spoil except when extremely pissed (at which point they just become a minor irritant, much like having itchy balls which you can’t scratch). The deathcore aspects of this record are superb and for that, they deserve praise. But why oh why do they have the Nightwish-esque vocals??!! I’m speechless…

I think in actuality, it’s the poor writing that causes this annoyance with the mix of styles. Had it been done well, with a smooth progression from heavy to melodic then, whilst I still wouldn’t like it, there would at least be some complete songs. Instead, they feel like some fucking YouTube mash-up made by a fat kid with long greasy hair and a tendency to masturbate over pictures of Tarja Turunen before telling the world why she’s a goddess who should never have been kicked out of the band.

Mr Bogle


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