Gristle – Cold Blue Sky

September 18, 2010

It’s not often that I struggle to genuinely have an opinion about, well, anything. Although I can doubtless be quoted as saying that I couldn’t find anything interesting or original about any one record, there’s a difference between not being bothered because it’s so awful and my issue with Cold Blue Sky.

The only real observation I can make is that its… well ok. Not great, not terrible. It’s a massive collection of over worked clichés but ultimately that’s the way most albums are made these days. The lyrics are unashameably shallow, with song titles like ‘Myself’ and (I kid you not) ‘Only Love Can Save Us Now’;

“With no compromise, when the storms arise, on the raging sea, between you and me, only love can save us nowwwww” – (Yes, that’s the actual lyrics)

So you’ve pretty much got the picture, now I can stop.

Mr Bogle


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