Dawn Of Ashes – Genocide Chapters

September 21, 2010

I tend to find that most band’s who feel the need to compare themselves to the likes of Cradle Of Filth and Immortal produce the kind of pretentious wankery that fuels my dislike of most ‘Black Metal’. But don’t let that give you the wrong impression. Believe it or not, I do always approach albums with an open mind, I have to, because otherwise I’d be predisposed to hate nearly everything I hear and never have anything to say about it. Granted, that’s often the result anyway, but that’s not the point.

Back when Reverse Current was still in it’s infancy I became fond of publishing excerpts from press releases which either spewed so much shit that it bore absolutely no relation to the record itself, or because it’s really fucking funny. I feel that the following extract does both;

‘In the darkest form of incubated evil, a symbol has been born to strike immense fear into the hearts of mortal weakness. Kristof Bathory, Volkar Kael, Bahemoth and Othuum, four vile forms that control a new era where nightmares become reality and where the sounds of the macabre shall emerge from a catastrophic symphony, have resurrected the sounds and visions of horror, hatred, and suffering that is spewed forth in the form of extreme horror metal that is DAWN OF ASHES; a name that was created to reflect upon the birth of death and failure. Now the plague has come to corrupt the flesh of man.’

The truth of the matter is, the album ain’t half bad. It does become irritating at times, especially when the vocalist does that really grating ‘growl’. But anyway, I got over my hatred of symphonic keyboards and managed to escape into the blastbeats and brutality of the music. It should appeal to it’s intended demographic, and if the spotty fat kid with greasy hair likes it, that’s good enough for me.

Mr Bogle


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