The Absence – Enemy Unbound

September 29, 2010

The internet has given us lot’s of things; endless pornography, instant access to the intimate details of the spotty git you hated in high school, the ability to look at other people’s lives and feel smug about our own and endless identikit bands who think that having a Myspace makes them AwEsOMe. It also allows a significant amount of fat kids with no friends and too much bandwidth to download said identikit band’s music and then prompt them to get a record deal…

I’m not saying that The Absence fall into this catagory… but they are certainly a victim of it’s effects. Despite being Yanks this band sound suspiciously Scandinavian. Right upto the point where I would be tempted to describe them as a poorer version of Children Of Bodom.

The fact of the matter is that this bands particular brand of melodic death metal is perfectly fine. But doesn’t go beyond that.

Mr Bogle


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