War From A Harlots Mouth – MMX

October 2, 2010

If you haven’t already realised my take on most music tends to rely upon my initial mood when first hearing said sounds. However there are a few cases where I just fucking love anything that particular band/artist/ ProTools geek spews forth and as such, my opinion counts for pretty much nothing.

That’s not the case with WFAHM however I do think that these guys are hugely underrated, and even more underplayed. Musically they present a  schizophrenic mix of bass, drums and noise. Which is absolutely mesmerising whilst being utterly bewildering. With a bass sound hugely reminiscent of Math-core legends Meshuggah I’m sold from the first bar.

The fundamental difference between this and so much of the stuff that I really struggle with. Is that there is a genuine signature to these guy’s sound. This is not an album for faint of heart, it’s a brutal assault on the ears which stays with you for sometime afterwards. Before you listen to it all over again.

Mr Bogle


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