Mostly Autumn – Go Well, Diamond Heart

October 15, 2010

For those that don’t know, Mostly Autumn started life as a Pink Floyd tribute band, and they were bloody awful.  It’s kind of like seeing a teenage death metal band do The Trooper or any song from the first three Metallica albums. Then, suddenly, they decided to become an amazing folk-prog-rock band. As you do. They played Bloodstock about five years ago, and have kept my interest when you just need something to chillax to.

Go Well ,Diamond Heart is nothing if not chillaxed. While they still take a fair bit of inspiration from the Floyd, the sound that Mostly Autumn seem to have forged is one of subtle folk rivulets in across a rock-lite veneer. The female vocals flow gracefully over the music, whether it’s the gentle balladry of Back To Life or the chugging of Hold Back The Sun. In releases past I’ve often been critical of the countered male vocals, but Something Better as well as the album closer have the voice that I suspect they’ve been waiting for years; it’s still Bryan Josh, but his voice has got better and it really has made all the difference.

If you need an album just to chill the hell out to, Go Well, Diamond Heart has it absolutely nailed. The songwriting is nothing short of craftsmenship, nothing less than what’s expected considering how long Mostly Autumn have been at this. For the umpteenth time, they deliver another LP bristling with the crème de la crème of British folk-rock. Twang on, you roguish bards.



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