Circle II Circle – Consequence of Power

October 16, 2010

As my dream of another Savatage album floats further from my grasp, I turn to Circle II Circle to provide me with another dose of Tampa-based heavy metal. 2008’s Delusions of Grandeur had some great moments, as well as being a victim of pre-emptive Death Magnetic Syndrome during the mastering process.

Through their career, Circle II Circle are one of the few bands that have devolved instead of evolving and progressing their sound. 2003’s Watching In Silence might as well have been another Savatage album, but with each passing release building up to CoP those more grandiose moments have been stripped away. While the Oliva-esque riffage is still present in Out of Nowhere, the feel of the album is firmly in good ol’ Heavymetalville. Anathema‘s delightfully crushing chorus provides one of many neck-wrecking moments accompanied by some pretty heavy and heart-rending lyrical content, something that the ‘tage family of bands manage with exceptional ease.

However, and this is a big however; CoP strays too far into background music territory. It’s not bad in the slightest, as Zak’s vocals have improved continuously over time with perhaps his best all round performance on CoP. There are some great hooks in the music with strong dynamics, Take Back Yesterday in particular, but it’s nothing we’ve not heard before from Circle II Cirlce. Including ending the album with a big ballad, which never gets old.

You could quite easily shuffle up CoP and it’s predecessor and the two would blend together seamlessly. In a way that doesn’t take anything away from CoP, it won’t be the album that gets you into the band (the honour of which goes to 2006’s Burden of Truth) but if you really like the Circle II Circle it certainly won’t lower your opinion of them.




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