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Stuff you need to listen to – If These Trees Could Talk

January 2, 2011

It’s two days into 2011, my first post of the year and I’m writing about…? Post-Rock. In all honesty, I did only discover said genre properly in the year that’s just left but I feel that I start this new one fully ready to immerse myself in all it’s melancholic glory. (Ok, so I sound REALLY brown-nosed and I’ve yet hit 1,000 words… bollocks) Returning to the matter in hand, that being why post-rock is just so damn brilliant. In particular why you should give ITTCT a listen.

My first ‘post-rock’ was probably 65daysofstatic back in 2006 and in all honesty I thought it was shite. Granted I’d now happy go and punch my former self in the face before cutting off my hair, yelling ‘Iron Maiden suck balls’ before leaving to do some hardcore drive-bys. But, alas we all have a past which we’re ashamed of (otherwise we wouldn’t try so damn hard to escape it) even so, I wouldn’t be who I am now if it wasn’t for what I was in the past… You get the damned point. Anyway, in the last 12 months it would be fair to say that I’ve changed quite a bit, I’ve lost all enthusiasm for writing about music (see my last post) and I’ve remembered why I love cinema quite so much. But that’s all for another day.

Back to post-rock, now you may well know Mogwai, 65daysofstatic and God Is An Astronaut but ITTCT have a criminally low number of listeners. True, you won’t get anything particularly unusual with this bunch. Both the album and the E.P are fairly standard, but nonetheless solid, post-rock records. The music itself moves from intricate passages to roaring crescendo’s and one track features more emotion that the entire Dream Smearater discography could ever muster. The sound quality on this track is pretty crappy, but that’s YouTube for you… just go buy the bloody thing;

So there you go, a fresh slice of some post-rock magic to help bring in 2011 in true musical style. If you do just one thing this year, make it realising that metalheads take themselves far too seriously and could all do with a good kicking. Plus, Trolling is more fun than you could possibly imagine.

Happy New-fucking-Year!

Mr Bogle


Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.

December 14, 2010

Just over 13 months ago I, along with The Iron Eagle and Eyelicker launched Reverse Current. It had come from the ‘ashes’ of a site which, in its last days had been run almost entirely by yours truly. With endless shitty reviews, fake opinions and general bollocks it was kept going until it finally died a death. That was when RC was launched and, for the first few months at least, it was fun. Then life took over, despite what those dicks who attacked Charles and Camilla and climbed the cenotaph tell you, some students work FUCKING HARD! Myself included, not just that, I also grew increasingly weary of metal. An awful lot has changed in my life this year and non more significant that my disaffection with ‘metal’ as a genre. I knew I was bored when I found it a stretch to watch Iron Maiden for two hours at Sonisphere.

So, not only do I now listen to more hardcore than ever before I take genuine pleasure in attempting to piss off at may metalheads as I can. Sure call me a cunt, but I’m no more one than you. Music taste is insignificant now, because whatever I listen to I find I hate it from the outset. Maybe  I do only listen to a couple of tracks before classifying it as worthless shite but that’s my prerogative! I don’t get paid for this shit! Hell, I fucking pay to do it half the time! It’s because of this disaffection with the majority of what I listen too that I’m less likely to write on music than movies, why? Because I love movies and I haven’t had that enjoyment ruined by some prick telling me that I wear the wrong clothes to walk into a fucking cinema.

The main reason why I stopped writing before was because it had become such a struggle to do so, if I’m not enjoying it I see no reason to continue! It would be unfair to say that I haven’t had fun writing for these sites, course I have! At the end of the day I’ve done some awesome things as a result and I’ll always be grateful for those memories. However, I can’t ultimately bring myself to ruin any more music for myself. If you want to criticise me for making that choice. GO AHEAD.

Sure, I’ll write about music when I want too but right now? I don’t want too. Sorry if that spoils the illusion but this just ain’t as fun as it used to be.

Mr Bogle


The World Is Quite Different Now

November 19, 2010

This isn’t a new post, but rather something I posted on an old blog nearly a year ago. It may just seem to be sheer laziness that has driven me to ‘republish it’ but I felt it expressed what I was saying yesterday in a less aggressive way. I also still feel it’s a valid argument. No, this won’t be happening a lot.


With the advent of social networking the idea of your personal life staying personal quickly became an oxymoron. These days with the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Friends Reunited its become increasing easy to find out things about people and to feel like you ‘know them’ despite having met them only once or sometimes not at all. There’s something weirdly esoteric about updating your ‘status’ or telling everyone ‘Whats on your mind?’ I’m not trying to deny that I use both Facebook and Twitter or that I’m somehow ‘holy than thou’ because of what I think (as is often how blogs can seem to be) but rather that in the last 5 years the idea and thrill of waiting to see someone to find out what they’ve been upto for the last [insert amount of time] and ‘catch up’. True we don’t share anything and everything with the wider world but at times it feels like we do.

At the end of every year there’s always a mass of ‘Best of’ lists that appear which attempt to summarise the last year in less than 300 words and try to make us wonder ‘what it would have been like had it not happened’ well…at least that’s how it can make me feel, with the end of last year and the ‘end of the decade’ there were lists cropping up everywhere telling us ‘what we didn’t have in ’99 but we do in ’09’ and some make for vaguely interesting reading. True we didn’t have social networking, Wikipedia or bluetooth ten years ago but what we do have is a world that is constantly shrinking and is being reduced steadily to a series of ones and zeros. Everything is becoming about ‘numbers’ and numbers can ultimately be described in binary and therefore become just a matrix of two different numbers.
What fascinates me most though is the seeming obsession with letting people know what you’re doing at this moment. right now. here. Me? I’m writing a blog entry. Ok so I’m not doing it as you’re there reading it but right now I’m talking to ‘you’ in the future, this post isn’t even finished yet but I’m still acting like you’re reading it as I type. Facebook has changed the way we act, now photos are all about embarrassing pictures of you dancing/drunk/singing and dancing whilst drunk/throwing up in the gutter when drunk/passed about when drunk (delete as appropriate).
I’m sure I was going somewhere when I started this……goodness knows where I’ve ended up though. Ah well I’ve probably said all that needs to be said, I’m feeling quite existentialist right now. It’s a good feeling has to be said, certainly feel better than I did twenty minutes ago. I’m just clutching at straws now.
Mr Bogle


Technology is out to get us…

November 18, 2010

Skynet is real and we’re all gonna die.

…and we’re all fucked. How you say? Well for a start #IAmSpartacus just thought we’d get that out the way. If you’re one of those twats who claim that they deliberately ignore social networking because ‘it’s gonna kill us all’ piss off and get a job. I just wanted to make it clear that I am the dude who actually threatened to blow up Robin Hood Airport. The other guy was just covering. He owned me a favour after I brought him a pint… shame it all got so out of hand.

I picked up my Uni’s local ‘Rag’ (I prefer toilet roll myself) but names aside. It contained various idiots sprouting bullshit from every orifice imaginable. This is included some choice pickings; including a review of Todd Phillips’ latest shit film (he’s the guy who made ‘The Hangover’) and before you say anything, I HATED that movie, just terrible, misogynistic bollocks.  But if you want to hear anyone on just why it’s really not worth the time of day I suggest Dr Kermode’s diagnosis. ‘Due Date’ (that’s the new one by the way) just from the trailer looks awful.  Honestly, first time I saw it I turned to my other half and said ‘well that looks shit’ trust me, I really did. ‘Bromance’ isn’t funny.

The second was the words ‘awesome 3D’ used in connection to the cinema really made me realise just how worried I am about ‘3D’ I mean when you’re getting is either bodily fluids, stupid bits of body parts, boobs or whatever else gets thrown out at us. I mean face it Avatar was really bad, just really really bad. Boring, unoriginal and vacuous. I’d much rather go see ‘Papa Smurf’s Sex Tape’ than sit through another screening of ‘Dances with Wolves in Space’.

The question now is what’s next? Am I going to go to see ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean 4’ where Johnny Depp is going to donn his gloves from ‘Edward Scissorhands’ reach out and slice my head off for real? I’m very scared and would warn anyone against it. It’ll be a fucking massacre.

Final thing, the ‘rag’ also listed ‘DVD we’re most looking forward to’ as… no not Toy Story 3 or Inception… but Sex and (the fucking) City 2! I mean COME ON! I LET YOU HAVE THE REST BUT REALLY!!!!!!

Phew, rant over.

Mr Bogle


Prop19- A Big Change for all of us

November 5, 2010

Potentially the fate of the dope smoking population will be change in the next coming weeks with the Bill; Proposition 19. What happens in California will affect all of us, especially since we English look much cooler if we go along with whatever decision the U.S. makes, cause son I ain’t bein’ funny, but that Iraq war made us look the shiznaz (ooooooo ain’t I clever using political humor, praises to me!). Though just to clear things up, I know that this is a site for music, but music and dope go hand in hand like Cheech and Chong (pre and post break up (break up in a career sense not in a gay way, we can’t condone everything (Joke!)). If you have any ideological complaints about smoking dope then that is fine, no one is forcing you to smoke it (in the same way no one is forcing you to hang with the cool kids) you make your own choices in life that’s  what lifting these ridunkolous laws are all about, letting people make a choice, as well as a couple of other issues (I’ll get to them in my own sweet time).

If health is a concern, well I got some bad news for you, smoking and drinking are bad for you. I think it’s only me that knows this fact, but believe it or not the very things are precious government make a considerable profit on is eventually going to kill you, so it’s either all OK or none of it is. Many studies have shown that cannabis is nowhere near as harmful as tobacco and alcohol. If you look into the illegalizing of cannabis you’ll will find that health and morality weren’t a big factor in the illegalization of the drug.

“Reefer makes darkies think they’re as good as white men.”

“…the primary reason to outlaw marijuana is its effect on the degenerate races.”

“There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the US, and most are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos, and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz, and swing, result from marijuana use. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers, and any others.”
Actual quotes from the Harry Anslinger (A key player in the criminalization of cannabis, god bless him for fighting the good fight).

Back to the issue of that organized racket (music), there are many artist that are for the legalizing of weed, that you funky fresh kiddie winks   can get down with, for instance Dime Bag (although only way that I could of made that anymore obvious is by spelling it out for you), Sublime  (the members that are alive at least), Colt Jackson, Tenacious D,  Thunder Strook and many more, and if you pay by credit card I’ll provide Actors who are also for Legalizing it such as Seth Rogen, Jack Nicholson, Jennifer Aniston, Johnny Depp and many, many more.

Money is also taken out of the criminals back pocket and convenience is now in the hands of the dope fiends, truly a turn for the tables, as well as money pocketed off the revenue… oh sorry literally just got word through and apparently Prop19 is a no go. Nothing changes the Californian social experiment isn’t going to happen so go about you lives as per usual.

Although there was still a fair percentage that voted yes, so although immediate change didn’t happen, the future of the wonder crop is still uncertain.

Should probably rap up with something about music ermmm… oh it was Tom Petty’s 60th birthday recently (wait who the fuck is Tom Petty).


On the matter of British music…

August 16, 2010

By the time this article is published its likely that many of you will have heard Iron Maiden’s latest (and probably last) album. Yes there’s all the gumpff in Metal Hammer and such about whether or not its really the end for what, is undeniably one of the most successful bands in history. The question which now occurs to me, is that of the future of British live music. Not exclusively metal, because if our entire musical future was left in the hands of carbon copy acts trying to sound like the ‘classics’ we’d be fucked. Well and truly.

I have issues with the notion of ‘classic’ as a part of the definition of a genre. I mean, Deep Purple weren’t always ‘classic rock’ that’s just a recent tag which has been attached to them. For me, two of the best British live acts currently making waves are Pendulum and Skindred. And they’re bands who, whilst their albums are sometimes mediocre, remain untouchable in the live setting. These guys are, to be frank, the future. If you can’t handle that, well, I feel for you as very soon they will more that likely be headlining our festivals and arenas.

I could spend many thousands of words explaining exactly why I am right and you are wrong. But I’ve got better things to do, like listen to Tek- One and get my Dubstep shoes on. The world is consistently changing if you can’t take that, I hear my local monastery is recruiting.

Mr Bogle


If only we reviewed albums like this dude…

July 10, 2010

Many of you may be familiar with Zero Punctuation but if not… here’s a classic

In all honesty this is simple genius. I’m not suggesting that anyone attempts a ‘rip-off’ (cause that would be really stupid) but what ZP succeeds with is the sheer brutality which even Charlie Brooker would be proud of. So with any luck if this super-secret project (Yes it’s pathetic but it’s the truth) that I’m working on actually takes off…

Well who knows!

Mr Bogle