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For now, since we’re too busy/ lazy to sort out proper ‘roles’ your best bet would be to email either Mr B or Eyelicker;

MrBogle and Eyelicker @reversecurrent.com respectively.



  1. Hi fella!

    We´re FROM NOWHERE a spanish melodic thrash-death metal band, and we would appreciate so much if you could say something about our band in your news, review of our new demo… or write something to promote us and as you know every support is welcome, we recorded one long album in 2006 but now we´ve just recorded 3 new songs in advance to our second album ,our new demo is called “agony”.

    Our myspace is : http://www.myspace.com/from_nowhere_

    You can also download the whole demo in high-quality and with the lyrics clicking here:


    We´re now working on a cover to add to the demo.

    Short BIOGRAPHY OF THE BAND : “FROM NOWHERE was born as a single-man project of Armando García, who was the leader and main songwriter of the Thrash-death metal band TRASCËNDENTAL in the 90´s.After moving to Valencia, Armando found a lot of difficulties to join a band of his musical style as a lead guitar player, so he decided to record ,songwrite and release his songs under the name of FROM NOWHEREHis first record named “Kingdom of fools” was released in January 2006, and just after that he tried to join a band, but for several reasons it was not possible, so he decided to left this idea behind.It wasn´t till 2009 when he considered the idea of forming FROM NOWHERE as a full band.After some rehearsals the first line-up was Felix Martínez on the rhythm guitar,Juan Carlos García on the bass guitar,and Germán Rubio on the drums.Soon afterwards Eva García joined the band as a vocalist,so Armando focused on playing the lead guitar and left the vocal duties.After some months , both Juan Carlos and Eva gave up the band due to lack of time,and Felix (who recorded one bass-track of the Kingdom of fools album) changed the guitar for the bass guitar and Armando was again the guitar player and vocalist.This line-up, while they were in the search of a second guitar player,recorded the demo “Agony” that includes three new songs in advance of the release of their second CD.Recently ,J.Manuel Monleón has joined the band as a second guitar player ,fitting pretty well in the band and taking part of songwriting duties of the new songs.

    If you want to know something more about the band or something else do not hesitate to contact us in this e-mail or in kingdomoffools@hotmail.comThank you for your support!!! Greetings from Spain!

  2. The Debut album “Deadline” of the Norwegian band Fastlane Flower is out now!

    Hey=) Want to make a review of this album?
    You`ll find it on Spotify, if you don`t have Spotify we`ll gladly send you the album digitally!! If you want some pictures and more info, just send us a mail.

    The first single of the album “State Of Emergency” reached the second place in the most played list on the Norwegian radio 3 last week, not bad for a metal band! Reviews have been good, and the album has been called a solid challanger to the album of the year.

    DEATH ROCK WITH AT TASTE OF HONEY! The sound of Fastlane Flower is amazing, raw and tender at the same time, but most of all honest, this is a Norwegian metal band unleashing the truth and joy of music! These musicians pouring their hearts out and leaving you with what it?s all about! Be sure not to miss this cultural orgasm in the core of your town, it?s an intense and dramatic experience for you to explore, and enjoy.

    Send us a mail if you choose to make a review =)

    Best regards

    Fastlane Flower

  3. yea ur info is in correct i dont know who u are calling gey but non of them are and that wasnt lucas brother that was Alex staroplis bro playing flute -.- as a guest and no fabio is no gey so get ur awnsers right beofre u get slaped son

    • I assume by ‘answers’, you mean ‘facts’. I am fully aware that none of RoF are gay, but it never the less sounds…gay. Frozen Tears is great album, but Symphony 2 was a little too much of the “let’s dance with pixies” nonsense for me. I’m a big power metal fan.

      As for it being Alex’s brother, not Luca’s fair enough. Take it as a typo, and I apologise for not getting it correct. Also, please don’t threaten me because I slated a band you like. I like them too, but even power metal fans like myself will admit that RoF sound…well, gay. It doesn’t further your point and, coupled with your abysmal spelling and grammar skills, makes you look like a bit of a prat.

  4. Lolz.

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