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Band Roulette – Suck

April 27, 2010

Upon being completely stuck for ideas on what to write about I decided to pick something out of huge, gaping media void that is the internet by playing a game called band roulette (a roulette game on the internet without dudes wanking, horray!). The rules go as follows; go to a Wikipedia list of bands, zoom your browser out as far as possible, cover your eyes, move your mouse around and click! An unorthodox approach to finding something different perhaps, but it made me stumble upon “Suck”, a South African progressive rock band from the 1970’s.

Suck is essentially Led Zeppelin if they hired Robert Plant’s less talented brother, it’s not that he’s a bad singer (not by a long shot) but you listen to Suck and think: “gee wilickers I would be up for Zeppelin right about now”. Like Zeppelin the drumming is intense and for all the drummers out there I would strongly recommend listening to their song “Season of the Witch”, which has a charming little drum solo in, although you could  just listen to John Bonham if needs be.

The main issue with this band is their obscurity and they don’t even have a band website. Thankfully there is a pocket of songs on Youtube but the fact they were only around for one year (1970-1971) means they only got to release one album “Time to Suck” (and yes I’m sure googling this will bring up a stream of porn films).

Despite being one of the most obscure bands, “Suck” have got one claim to the history books and that is they’re one of the first bands to cover Black Sabbath’s song War Pig’s, a petty reason to be in the book but as it was such a good cover I figured it deserves some recognition even if it’s from a guttersnipe such as myself.

To conclude, “Suck” the obscure South African, prog rock group has at least meant that playing band roulette hasn’t completely fucked me over and churned up a shit band, even if this one does sound suspiciously like Led Zep.



Where do we go from here?

March 29, 2010

A suitably gruesome picture

As a metal fan I’m often looking out for the next extreme which at the moment seems to be “porno-core” and “gore grind”, which includes bands like Torso Fuck, Sperm Swamp, ECT, which really seems to be more exploitation music rather than the next big step for metal, yet I’m left wondering how are we going to get more heavy and what will the music we love be in the future and how will we react when the next big in step in metal reveals itself, will we accept what the future throws at us or will we have finally reached our limit and become a generation of metal fans that no longer listen to the extreme but just an old music genre.

Before I continue with this article I want to get one thing straight, at no point in this article am I going to except that music can’t get any heavier as I think that a music genre that’s been changing and evolving for fifty odd years isn’t going to stop changing, and I won’t suggest that we’ve hit some kind of brick wall with extreme music as new bands are forming all the time and it only takes one band to step out and turn a genre on its head. On a personal note I also don’t want be known as that twat that said bands couldn’t possibly get heavier, so with that in mind lets continue.

What I think has really change the metal scene is there seems to be a bigger acceptance of the genre as feel that society is more open to the music we produce (sure we’re far from being mainstream,but  I’m trying to make a point), I feel we now have more freedom to express ourselves musically, on top of that apparently this internet thing is providing bands with a new way of distributing music, and the likes of Tipper Gore who pushed for censorship of music in the 80’s, and even put Dee Snider (Twisted Sister) on trial fudge sake, have been simply been left in the dust and considered the backwards musical fascists of their day (if you want to learn more about this I would strongly recommend watching Metal a Head Banger’s Journey if you haven’t seen it already in which case get out of that rock you’ve been living under!), and holy fuck we’ve come a long way from Twisted Sister that’s for sure, but even though music has gotten heavier the attitudes towards have become more liberal as time has gone on.

Although its difficult to make an assumption as to what the next step will be now what I’ve found is that an art form will evolve in  a certain pattern and it plays out like this, an art form will first appear in its most simple form, as this defines the conventions and conventions of the genre that is metal and this can be seen in early metal bands like Black Sabbath. Then it becomes more technical as time goes on until we reach a stage known as “art for art sake” (which is probably the state we’re in now) which the most technical is naturally deem the best but then I feel that the next stage is where artist simply abandon the ideas of technical aspects and go for a more conceptual, simpler and allows its artist to express themselves on a whole new level (although this a gross oversimplication and for a greater understanding I would strongly recommend How to Read Film by James Monaco).

So what is the new extreme, what will be the new sub-genre to make death core look like disco well rather than leave on some ambiguous question I’ve decided to make some new extreme genre’s right now, I now present to you the codes and conventions to make your band the most extreme band it could possibly be:

Snuff Metal: each track will contain the audio of a person actually dying to a metal riff. If that isn’t heavy I don’t what is.

Gorgasm Grind:  ridiculously heavy with some kind of sexy edge!

Torture Core: the pussy’s Snuff Metal.

Necro Lounge: Like regular lounge, but brutalier!

Tipper Gore Grind: The heaviest music with the cleanest lyrics.

Some Gore Grind for y’all (Torso Fuck, Fist Fucking Her Decomposed Cadaver)

and that Porno-Core thing I mentioned (Sperm Swamp, Canninus Cunnilingus)

Here’s a few choice examples (if you can stomach them);


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