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In light of recent events today’s post simply says….

May 17, 2010

Rest In Peace – Ronnie James Dio

1942 – 2010

You will be greatly missed, our deepest condolences go out to Dio’s family and friends at this time.


Butchery is what we aim for: How songs should be covered

March 23, 2010

Shadows fall, purveyors of “meh”

I awoke on thursday, as usual, to the sound of alarms, composed of several strategically placed clocks and CD players, in an attempt to overthrow tiredness as quickly as possible, and hold fast untill sleep is well and truly banished. As well as this my CD player tends to blurt out whatever it’s holding at the moment too, be it Necrophagist, The Acacia Strain, or “Crunk Jamz playlist #3”. Interesting test by the way, when you wake up everything sounds like, 3 times faster, so having Despised Icon’s MVP on the go feels like dropping your brain onto a moving train off a bridge, as I recently discovered. Anyhow, once this introductory cacophony was overcome, and the only sound remaining was the usual comforting whurrrr of my PC’s case fans, I went to check my emails as usual. among the usual label mash in the RC inbox, was another equally meh announcement, that Shadows Fall, purveyors of “meh”, were releasing a cover of Bark At The Moon as their next single. My first thought was just how much of a terrible choise this is! I mean damn, way to choose a song that’s already been overplayed/covered into the ground! You might as well be doing Walk! There could potentially be a decent cover rung out of it (Walk too I guess), but Shadows fall are way too dull to be the ones to do it. The intrinsic problem with covers a lot of the time, is that they are done out of respect for the original band, and because of that, I imagine bands always approach them with an attitude of tribute, instead of making something which is good/innovative/not a carbon copy. There is also the fear of not “butchering” the original, which also leads to plenty a dull clone. I think that if you’re going to cover something, you should aim to “butcher” it. Slice it open, eviscerate it, fuck the corpse and spray your own creative juices everywhere, and then stitch it up and leave it on its families front porch, so you can laugh at their tears and anger. All the best covers I know of have angered the majority of the fans of the original, despite the obvious adoration from the coverers. But then again, such is the way with Metalhead mentality, “if you like our shit, you have to like it exactly the same way I do, or you’re a fayyyag!”

A screamo band is coming to do this to your favorite song, and there is nothing you can do about it.

To drop one great example of “butchery”, that clashed Scene Kids with Hipsters, would be Confide’s cover of The Postal Service’s “Such Great Heights. Here are both.

faggot emo kid…. screamo isnt music, confide is 5 menwho suck eachothers dicks…. oh yeah they also look like girls so u are gay” – Some youtube troll

Obviously I much prefer Confide’s, due to my natural preference for heaviness and screamo, but that aside, I think it succeeded simply because it got all the Postal Service fans mega butthurt over this defiling of their song.

Reasons why original fans hated it?: See above youtube comment!Plus any scene band covering anything else is bound to piss of the originals!

Another awesome cover, which also committed “butchery” of the 3rd degree, was The Berzerker maiming the already very heavy “Corporeal Jigsore Quandary” by Carcass. Once again, if you’re unfamiliar with the song(s) listen to the original first then the gutted version.

There is nothing quite like watching old school metalheads frothing at the mouth when you fuck with one of their “classics”.

Reasons why original fans hated it?: Triggered drums with electronic effects! GET OUT!!!

Finally, and in another realm, we have the Killswitch version of Holy Diver, (you knew this was coming, but it should! It jams hard!)

Basically, they took some boring dad rock, sped it up, gave it a killer heavy guitar tone (courtesy of Adam D, a primary man crush of mine) and added some sick ass breakdowns. You equals moshing!

Reasons why original fans hated it?: “I am old and new things make me confused and angry, arrrgg, those kids with their downtuned screamo metal playing a classic by the almighty Dio, how dare they!!”

Basically, aim to piss people off, aim to start debate, aim to start heated youtube flame wars. You don’t owe homage to anyone, and you can fuck with anything you want. Better you hate the band and are covering it for jokes than you just want to please them and their fans. Ultimately, something that will stir shit up is much more valuable than a clone.


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