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Bands You Should Check Out: Floors and Walls

March 30, 2010

If you read my review of Skindred in Portsmouth a couple of weeks back you may well have noticed the praise that I gave to the opening band, Floors and Walls. As much as I enjoy metal and all things experimental and progressive some times I feel the need to just listen to music that doesn’t screw with my sense of rhythm and manages to keep me engaged. Floors and Walls are only in their formative years but they’ve already developed a unique and catchy sound without straying in the realms of Pro Tools. With clear rock, ska and punk influences the band’s music is a mix of hyper-speed vocals reminiscent of  Madness and driving basslines taken straight out of Jane Addiction’s book.

Lyrically they combine humour and storytelling (see ‘Tracey’) with some incredibly powerful riffs. At times it’s hard to believe that there’s just four guys in this band… I caught up with them before the Skindred show and related stories of beating contestants from 26 other countries in a Battle Of The Band’s competition to attempting to pull Lily Allen (fuck nos why but fair does bros!) Anyway that’s more than enough from me, don’t let the ‘chav’ appearance fool you these guys are bros and with any luck I’ll be able to share more from them, with you, (you know a proper interview).

Floors and Walls on Myspace

Mr Bogle

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Skindred/ Forever Never/ Floors and Walls – Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth

March 11, 2010

To say that the anticipation for this gig was high would be (ready for the cliché?) an understatement of the… day. Well maybe a bit more than that but you get the point, it was sold out and the queue stretched back quite a way. Having witnessed the headliners several times before I can assuredly say that it was justified.

First up were Floors And Walls, a band who aren’t so much love and hate but more dig and nonchalant. I ‘dug’ them to quite a degree. With a punchy sound and on stage energy that most band’s their age struggle to approach they may not have appealed to everyone but they certainly left the stage with a few more fans than before. If you like your music eclectic, energetic and aggressive (without resorting to drop-B tuning, walking like a crab and gargling) then Floors And Walls are your kinda band. (7/10)

Forever Never play, what my mate Samuelj dubbed, ‘wrestling metal’. You know, the kind of music Stone Cold Steve Austin comes into, the weird derision of what is essentially ‘nu-metal’ complete with a hench singer who makes suitable expressions and a lead guitarist who apparently looks like Obi Wan Kenobi (que?)  but that’s not the point. I’m that FN are genuinely talented and certainly have the stage presence but a muddy sound  and a half hour set that sounded pretty much the same all the way through… they failed to convince me. (6/10)

If your still unsure what I mean by wrestling metal, it’s this;

There was only ever one band that I really went for though, a band who are quite simply the finest live band currently around. Skindred deserve to be bigger, they deserve to play bigger shows and as Benji himself said in the interview (up later today) they haven’t even ‘made a proper record yet’. Skindred have never been about what goes on CD though, their live show pulls no punches but packs plenty of them. With the unique fusion of dance-rock-reggae-punk-metal-whatevertheyfeellike this band combine great music with a proper live performance. It’s not just about getting up and playing records, it’s about the atmosphere that’s created, it’s about the connection between the band and crowd and as Benji reminds us; ‘you can download every single album made but you will NEVER DOWNLOAD THE ATMOSPHERE CREATED HERE TONIGHT!!!!’ (yes the capitals were needed). There is a genuine passion in what this band do, I could watch Skindred play every night and never stop wanting more. If there are tickets left for a show near you, go and have your head blown off. (9/10)

Mr Bogle