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New Whitechapel video is suspiciously reminiscent of JFAC

June 19, 2010

Whitechapel: The Darkest Day Of Man

Job For a Cowboy: Embedded

Surely I’m not the only person who noticed that this video is pretty much a direct rip from JFAC’s Embedded. Song’s pretty cool though, just wish it was named something less vague than “The Darkest Day of Man”, with a video depicting equally vague supposedly ominous images. Preferred it when they were just singing about straight up torture.

All deathcore bands do this now…first album full of breakdowns and pigsqueals, before they become ultra vague theme-wise and move in a more standard death metal direction. Not that any of Job For A Cowboy or Whitechapel’s recent output hasn’t been awesome, but patterns in music are always usually a bad thing.


It’s official, 2010 and hot, sane chicks finally dig metal!

February 15, 2010

Stuff You Will Hate is probably my favorite blog out there, and you should totally dig it too, simply for the extremely “against the grain”, “genuine-ironic” views and style, if nothing else (if you know me you will realise that I genuinely love more than 90% of the stuff there). Also I kina know two of the authors, and they are super chill people who have more than “done their time” with “serious music (read:metal & hardcore)” and should be revered as gods and/or deities. (choice quote: “if chicks don’t dig your band, then you suck”).

So anyway, the other morning as I woke up groggy and tired, and lumbered to my perpetually humming behemoth of a computer tower to check my google blogger feed, I noticed a new post from afore mensioned revvered blog, about some American tween sensation/disney icon by the name of Demi Lovato. I was all but ready to write off the post as something for Americans or people richer than me with sky tv (or any tv for that matter), who are up to date with Disney and popular culture, apart from the following image that hooked me right in.

I feel slightly ashamed with myself now for assuming this was shooped

Within the original post was a link to an MTV interview with the girl with some of the most “fuckyeah!”/”Wat?!” inspiring quotes ever. Here is the relevant text, and my personal favorite bits highlighted in bold:

About a month ago, a colleague of mine stopped at my desk, handed me the latest issue of Rolling Stone and told me I had to read the feature Jason Gay had written on the Jonas Brothers. I thought he was kidding. See, I’m the resident metalhead around these parts, which means I have little (if any) interest in the Jonases. Halfway through reading the article, though, it became apparent why it was suggested I read it: Gay’s piece claimed that Demi Lovato, the opener on the Jonas Brothers’ summer tour, is into metal.

I immediately called bullsh–. No way Demi Lovato, the squeaky-clean 16-year-old star of the Disney Channel’s “As the Bell Rings,” who got her start in the business at age 7 as one of the tykes on “Barney & Friends,” is into metal. It just couldn’t possibly be; I simply couldn’t get my head around it.

I decided I needed to confirm this factoid for myself — I had to speak to Lovato to determine if she’s an honest-to-goodness metal fan. Not that I was questioning Gay’s reporting, but I just thought to myself, “Well, people have different ideas about what truly constitutes metal, so maybe there was some confusion.” Perhaps, I figured, she’s a fan of hard-rock acts like Staind or Disturbed, who are often mistaken as metal — hence, the misunderstanding.

Even though I knew some regular readers of the File might rip me a new one for doing this, I went ahead and scheduled a phone interview with Demi — only after her mom gave the thumbs up. She is a minor, after all. And sure enough, the girl knows what she’s talking about.

“[Metal isn’t] all I listen to, of course, but there was a period of time where it was,” Lovato told me. “I guess it started in school. I started listening to stuff with screaming in it, and then I started [exploring] more metal. MySpace helped me a lot, and friends will tell me about certain bands. And some of the bands I like aren’t necessarily too metal. It’s funny, because the Jonas Brothers dance and play dance music in their dressing room, and I’ll be across the hall, and I just blare metal. People walk by and go, ‘Really?’ “

So who does Demi dig? Well, she’s a fan of Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, Abigail Williams, Lamb of God and Dr. Acula, to name just a few. “I love the Devil Wears Prada; they’re more hardcore, but they’re awesome,” she said. “And Job for a Cowboy is another band I love.”

What is it about metal that drew Lovato? She respects the musicianship that goes into crafting brutal tracks. “It’s so completely different from anything else,” she said. “You’ve got vocals that I can’t do, the double bass drums, the incredible guitar solos … every part of the band does more difficult stuff than your average rock band does. I listen to these bands, and I wish I could do all of that, but I can’t.”

Lovato said she tries to catch as many shows as she can and that one of her favorite live acts is symphonic black metallers Dimmu Borgir (whose 1997 LP Enthrone Darkness Triumphant has been in heavy rotation at my desk all week). “I was the little girl in the red dress and red lipstick, and I totally didn’t fit in, but I had so much fun,” she explained. “It was awesome. I lost my shoes, I was going crazy … it was awesome.”

Lovato, who has an album called Don’t Forget slated for a September 23 release, said she’d consider collaborating with a metal band in the future, but she’s not so sure it would be for one of her own albums.

“I would love to secretly do some work on a metal band’s album,” she said, adding that Underoath would be her first choice for a collaboration. “I wish I could just secretly do vocals, and nobody would know it’s me. I would love to just do a couple of screams. One time I was at soundcheck and I told my musical director that I really want to pig squeal, and he said, ‘Go ahead — I don’t care.’ I didn’t want to, because I could see there were fans nearby, and he said, ‘Just do it.’ And I did, and these fans reacted. They were like, ‘Wow, that’s awesome — I don’t even know what that is, but it’s cool.’ “

So what do the Jonas Brothers think of her metal proclivities? “One time, they were actually listening to metal, and I was like, ‘What are you guys doing listening to metal? I was always afraid to tell you I listen to metal, because I thought you’d think I’m crazy,’ ” she said. “They [took] a lot of their stage ideas from metal bands from, like, Europe, and they use a lot of pyro and stuff like that. But they like metal — they don’t listen to death metal, but they’re definitely not opposed to it, which I think is really cool. It shows that they’re not just some pop band.”

So yeah, this is essentially a re-blog of a re-blog, but something worth blogging about anyhow!

Ok, so while you do from time to time get hot chicks in metal, and the title is maybe something of an exageration, most of the girls are either “fucking ugly”, or have some of the most abbraisive annoying personalities you will ever encounter. Feels sweet that esentially mainstream chicks like this “Lovato”, can casually listen to legit metal, but at the same time be completely grounded and (probably) pretty chill to hang out with. There’s no way I’d really want to date a “metal chick”, because they tend to be pretty fucked up, but someone like Lovato would be awesome. I’d have to school her to the fact that Dimmu Borgir suck live, but hey, it’s a start! Luckily I valentined a similar girl yesturday, I fuckin’ rule so much!

Happy Belated Valentines day, smoke weed and eat pussy 😉