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Ex Killswitch vocalist’s new band, “The Empire Shall Fall” release debut and free mp3

June 21, 2010

To be honest I didn’t really like them too much at first, but they’ve kind of begun to grow on me now. It’s a cool, almost dirty, rock like vibe they got going.

But anyhow, Jesse Leech of “Alive or Just Breathing” fame’s The Empire shall fall release their debut “Awaken” today. Check it out if the metalcore vibes featured above tickle your fancy.

You can also download for free their cover of At The Drive In’s “ArcArsenel” here. Also released today to celebrate the launch.



Butchery is what we aim for: How songs should be covered

March 23, 2010

Shadows fall, purveyors of “meh”

I awoke on thursday, as usual, to the sound of alarms, composed of several strategically placed clocks and CD players, in an attempt to overthrow tiredness as quickly as possible, and hold fast untill sleep is well and truly banished. As well as this my CD player tends to blurt out whatever it’s holding at the moment too, be it Necrophagist, The Acacia Strain, or “Crunk Jamz playlist #3”. Interesting test by the way, when you wake up everything sounds like, 3 times faster, so having Despised Icon’s MVP on the go feels like dropping your brain onto a moving train off a bridge, as I recently discovered. Anyhow, once this introductory cacophony was overcome, and the only sound remaining was the usual comforting whurrrr of my PC’s case fans, I went to check my emails as usual. among the usual label mash in the RC inbox, was another equally meh announcement, that Shadows Fall, purveyors of “meh”, were releasing a cover of Bark At The Moon as their next single. My first thought was just how much of a terrible choise this is! I mean damn, way to choose a song that’s already been overplayed/covered into the ground! You might as well be doing Walk! There could potentially be a decent cover rung out of it (Walk too I guess), but Shadows fall are way too dull to be the ones to do it. The intrinsic problem with covers a lot of the time, is that they are done out of respect for the original band, and because of that, I imagine bands always approach them with an attitude of tribute, instead of making something which is good/innovative/not a carbon copy. There is also the fear of not “butchering” the original, which also leads to plenty a dull clone. I think that if you’re going to cover something, you should aim to “butcher” it. Slice it open, eviscerate it, fuck the corpse and spray your own creative juices everywhere, and then stitch it up and leave it on its families front porch, so you can laugh at their tears and anger. All the best covers I know of have angered the majority of the fans of the original, despite the obvious adoration from the coverers. But then again, such is the way with Metalhead mentality, “if you like our shit, you have to like it exactly the same way I do, or you’re a fayyyag!”

A screamo band is coming to do this to your favorite song, and there is nothing you can do about it.

To drop one great example of “butchery”, that clashed Scene Kids with Hipsters, would be Confide’s cover of The Postal Service’s “Such Great Heights. Here are both.

faggot emo kid…. screamo isnt music, confide is 5 menwho suck eachothers dicks…. oh yeah they also look like girls so u are gay” – Some youtube troll

Obviously I much prefer Confide’s, due to my natural preference for heaviness and screamo, but that aside, I think it succeeded simply because it got all the Postal Service fans mega butthurt over this defiling of their song.

Reasons why original fans hated it?: See above youtube comment!Plus any scene band covering anything else is bound to piss of the originals!

Another awesome cover, which also committed “butchery” of the 3rd degree, was The Berzerker maiming the already very heavy “Corporeal Jigsore Quandary” by Carcass. Once again, if you’re unfamiliar with the song(s) listen to the original first then the gutted version.

There is nothing quite like watching old school metalheads frothing at the mouth when you fuck with one of their “classics”.

Reasons why original fans hated it?: Triggered drums with electronic effects! GET OUT!!!

Finally, and in another realm, we have the Killswitch version of Holy Diver, (you knew this was coming, but it should! It jams hard!)

Basically, they took some boring dad rock, sped it up, gave it a killer heavy guitar tone (courtesy of Adam D, a primary man crush of mine) and added some sick ass breakdowns. You equals moshing!

Reasons why original fans hated it?: “I am old and new things make me confused and angry, arrrgg, those kids with their downtuned screamo metal playing a classic by the almighty Dio, how dare they!!”

Basically, aim to piss people off, aim to start debate, aim to start heated youtube flame wars. You don’t owe homage to anyone, and you can fuck with anything you want. Better you hate the band and are covering it for jokes than you just want to please them and their fans. Ultimately, something that will stir shit up is much more valuable than a clone.


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Getting Pumped: The Heavy Metal Jock Jamz

March 8, 2010

Although it is true that I listen to metal probably more than any other genre, am easily identifiable by various band tees sporting unreadable logos, and could easily be pigeonholed into the “metalhead” demograph, unlike the rest of you I am a neither over nor underweight physically healthy human being that looks after his body on the regular, with a strict gym routine and a healthy diet. As those few of you who have also experienced physical exertion will know, metal is a great inspirer when it comes to pushing those last few reps out of you, and for this reason I have compiled several “Jock Jamz” playlists for this very purpose. Follow my lead, get the fuck up, and I’ll have you going from Dino Cazares to Greg Puciato in no time!

Here is my ultimate metal Jock Jamz playlist for blasting myself after a long days studying/procrastination!

Despised Icon – In The Arms of Perdition

Why do you think you always get a few really ripped hardcore kids throwing down at every Despised Icon show? Breakdowns push you son! This song, as well as being first on the playlist, is also probably the best for the task, and its easy to see why. Immaculately produced, heavy as fuck, some sick bass heavy tones, and enough time changes to keep you on your toes. The beginning gets you pumped, the two-step riff at 2:04 provides a fresh wave of inspiration just as you’re starting to tire, and the breakdown at the end squeezes just that last bit of perspiration from you.

Push it!! Moment: 3:37, Chuga Chug Chug……….

Ingested – Skinned and Fucked

Ingested are one of the heaviest bands out there right now, based around the inhuman double bass barrage of drummer Jeff Lyn. This song is like the intro to Saving Private Ryan on surround sound, complete with commander barking orders at you. Like In The Arms of Perdition, heavy as hell, not much above bass frequency, but with muddier guitar tone that almost completely reduces it to the barrage of clicking from the Bass Drum.

Push it!! Moment: 0:26, just as it all cuts out and the guitar leads by trem into an awesome slower time slam riff (with ridiculously fast clicky bass drum too, for good measure)

Out For Blood – Keep No Cunt Alive

This is the only song I have by this band, and I’m not that keen to hear any more, as they probably get boring very quickly, but as an all out, straight forward, brutal assault, this song pretty much hits it on the head. Not too fast, simple structure and instrumentals, and an absolutely manic sounding vocalist, with a lead riff that makes you feel like the most badass motherfucker for miles around!

Push it!! Moment: The baddass intro riff!

The Rotted – Nothin’ But A Nosebleed

Bring the tempo back up to fever pitch again, with another blast fest at inhuman speeds, and Ben McCrow’s barking vocals!

Push it!! Moment: 2:02, just as the blasts kick in again after the slow bridge, and reminds you that the pain is far from over!

Pantera – Strength Beyond Strength

Pantera remains to this day pretty much the ultimate jock metal band (along with maybe Hatebreed), and this song is a great reminder why. To be honest, just the sound of Phil Anselmo talking would provide enough jock power to make a whole playlist, although his “get the fuck up” inspiring shouts on this song are perfectly adequate too.

Push it!! Moment: 0:49 rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

Nasum – Relics

The perfect mix of speed and groove that makes a jock jam! Plus a great simple chorus, with one of those chord progressions that just works, and gets you fuckin’ juiced!

Push it!! Moment: 1:51 Something about the sound of metal and gunfire just gets me. Subsequent chorus also helps

Hatebreed – I Will Be Heard

Yeah, you could probably do this whole thing with just Hatebreed and Pantera, such is their shouty Jock credence. Plus considering how Hatebreed are pretty much just a long message of “believe in yourself and give them hell”, with less of a self-hatred vibe than Pantera, it’s easy to see why they fit so well in this setting.

Push it!! Moment: The choruses, any of them.

The Acacia Strain – Forget Me Now

Ahhh, more of this brilliant deep sounding simple hardcore, with emphasis on the chug instead of the speed, and a feeling of hatred for all things. One of the most negatively inspiring chorus’ ever (in a “I will fucking destroy you all” kind of way, instead of a “I can do this”, Rocky, Eye Of The Tiger, kind of way).

Push it!! Moment: 2:08 After the breakdown slows things right down, then the chorus flings you right back up again!

Emmure – Sound Wave Superior

Considering they sound just like The Acacia Strain, you can see why. Pretty much a one note song, but they definitely know how to use that one note!

Push it!! Moment: 0:42 He says “Get out”, but it sounds like “Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill……” so this is what I mutter.

Mnemic – Liquid

Unusually technical next to the majority of the simple-minded brutal fare here, making it a great change and something to reinvigorate your efforts. For some reason, mixes of clean and screamed vocals provide some great Jock moments, and once again the chorus here does just that. The impossible to follow bizarrely timed riffs will also take your mind of the burning lactic acid feeling.

Push it!! Moment: Once again, a song carried by the jock it quality of the chorus.

Gutted With Broken Glass – Ramrod

Although Gutted With Broken Glass are essentially just a messy joke, there is little I’ve ever heard more brutally pleasing than the breakdown in the middle.

Push it!! Moment: 0:27, Dun Dun Dun….Dun Dun…..Dundundun dun dun! Dun Dun Dun……breeebreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Killswitch Engage – Life To Lifeless

Vintage Killswitch. While the stuff with Howard Jones is still good and plenty inspiring, it lacks the real heaviness that the stuff with their old vocalist had, and thus isn’t as suitable, maybe a little too ghey for a Jock Jamz list.

Push it!! Moment: The beginning. Love that punchy tone.

Annotations of An Autopsy – In Snakes I Bathe

Although I used to include Gore Gore Gadget in pretty much every Gym playlist, it kina dragged on a bit and by the end had lost most of it’s punch. Not the case with the opener from AOAA’s competent new album The Reign Of Darkness. Ticks all the boxes for a good Jock Jam; Powerful, fast opening? Check, Bassy as fuck? Check, Well placed time changes to coax out a new wave of effort from you? Check. Breakdowns? Check. Feeling that you’re supper baddass when you hear it? Check.

Push it!! Moment: 0:50 hammer precision triplets after an equally well executed half time.

The Black Dahlia Murder – Closed Casket Requiem

Sometimes some good old stylee melodic metalcore can be just the thing to power you on towards the end of a session. This is probably the most simple BDM song, being right from their beginning. It has about 2 riffs too it, and the band obviously thought they’d come up with 2 doozys, because they pretty much milk them for all they’re worth throughout. Theres a kind of generic guitar harmony bridge in the middle too, which puts you off for a while, before the good old 2 riffs we’d leant to love come smashing back and make you push the fucking limit!

Push it!! Moment: Dunno, it’s all good i guess.

Devourment – Incitement to Mass Murder

Slam and working out go hand in hand. All those low notes, bowl voiding slamminess, and constant back and forth between gravity blasts and uber-slow breakdowns just make a well crafted slam masterpiece perfect for the gym. Something about the carnal nature of Majewski’s growls also seems to help me.

Push it!! Moment: 0:57 That behemoth of a slam riff is probably the closest you can get through a musical medium to a giant Austrian personal trainer shouting in your ear. So slow yet so fucking heavy!!!

Pathology – Defiled Autopsy Remnants

Getting back to the opening themes of “Heavy as fuck” we find ourselves now with a slap of expert goregrind. An honest lack of bassist makes it sometimes feel slightly empty compared to some of the other songs here on the jamz, but luckily there’s enough pro one guitar technical riffage to more than make up for that. There are at least 3 fuck yeah! push it moments, when another gore splattered riff hits out of nowhere in an unexpected time change.

Push it!! Moment: 2:30 that riff and accompanying growl makes me want to beat some trendy fuck in the weight room’s face in with a barbell untill there’s nothing but red mush!

Your Demise – Ignorance Never Dies/Burnt Tongues

The intro, Ignorance Never Dies, is the perfect build up to the hardcore rage unleashed at the opening of Burnt Tongues, and indeed is hard to get through without wanting to smash something. Like Hatebreed, it’s effectiveness lies in the simplicity, and primal break stuff vibes.

Push it!! Moment: Beginning breakdown…”Tell me what you think of me!!!”

Suicide Silence – No Pity For A Coward

So this is pretty much one of the definitive Deathcore jamz, and for this reason is a perfect one to work out to! The filthy, angry, sweating vibe to it makes it a great one towards the end, when you’re really feeling the pull, and need Mitch to growl “You Cowaaaaarrrrrrrd!” in your face to squeeze out those vital last reps. Has a great feeling of finality as well, which really makes you want to make your last moments count.

Push it!! Moment: 2:32 “Pull the trigger bitch!”

Here Comes The Kraken – Don’t Fail Me Darko

I just fuckin’ love the epicness in this song! The melodies, while simple and kind of obvious, work perfectly when you’re too destroyed to care about how original something is. And while you’ve probably heard most of the tunes on display here before, I doubt you’ve heard them under such an intense barrage of blast beats and bass drum, which makes it even better to hammer yourself to. The solo towards the end, and subsequent finishing breakdowns, just like on “In The Arms of Perdition” where we started, will squeeze the very last out of you.

Push it!! Moment: The beginning. So dicking epic, but in a way thats’ obvious enough for it to hit you right away, like an injection of glucose!

In conclusion, it would appear that the best songs for jocking out to are those that are simple, brutal, contain at least two unexpected time changes to re-invigorate your efforts, switch from chuggy and heavy to fast and violent, are low as fuck, and break it down. Get Juiced, and then be ready to take on all comers in the pit!


Taste Of Chaos 2009 – HMV Hammersmith Apollo

December 7, 2009

It seems so long ago that I last saw Killswitch Engage on the very first ‘Taste Of Chaos’ tour. Something that has now become such a part of the autumn touring cycle that its and almost guaranteed sell-out.

This year had what can be perhaps be called the tour ‘heaviest’ line-up (not because the band’s have any more members or that those members are fat just that they are defined as ‘heavy). Opening up were southernrockmetalsludgegodknowswhattheyarebuttheysoundawesome Maylene and the Sons of Disaster. Returning to the UK for the first time in nearly two years the band seem to have missed us (f**k knows why?! We have crap weather and a pain in the arse music scene) but nonetheless they certainly present an enjoyable half hour of whatever it is that they play. [7/10]

Next were the shambles that are Every Time I Die..highlighting the main problem for all the bands tonight ETID lose any of their impact in the sheer size of the venue. Whilst energetic their songs blend into one loud mess and lose all impact. [3/10]

In Flames play what is perhaps a generic yet surprising satisfying show. With the addition of ‘Architects Of The Black Rain’ to the normal collection of tracks Anders is the masterful frontman. Whilst the light-show is distinctly stripped down compared to their immense Wacken display with scenes and pyro etc the Swedes are tight and on top of their game. [8/10]

And now for the main event..well supposedly…KsE are one of the best bands of the last decade and tonight could’ve meant so much more. With a set that highlights the contrast in quality and impact between old and new Adam D’s stage banter is growing tiresome we know that he’s going to ‘f**k our mothers with a bowling ball’ he told us that last time (and every time before). The band just vanish in the immense stage. Slipknot‘s performance here last year was only as impressive as it was because of the size of the stage set-up and band members who actually knew what they were doing..As for Killswitch..[9/10] for the old stuff..about 5 for the new..Such a shame.

Mr Bogle


MAYLENE AND THE SONS OF DISASTER add shows with Every Time I Die in December

December 4, 2009

MAYLENE AND THE SONS OF DISASTER and Every Time I Die will play four club shows just after they wrap up the Rockstar Energy Drink TASTE OF CHAOS tour, which also features Killswitch Engage plus In Flames. These are:


December 2009

18th (DK) COPENHAGEN – Loppen
19th (D) HAMBURG – Grunspan
20th (LUX) LUXEMBOURG – Kulturfabrik
21st (UK) LONDON – Borderline

If you still can then step up for this unbelievable bill:

Rockstar Energy Drink TASTE OF CHAOS
Killswitch Engage + In Flames + Every Time I Die + MAYLENE AND THE SONS OF DISASTER

December 2009

4th (B) BORGERHOUT – Trix Hall
5th (D) ENNEPETAL – Haus Ennepaetal
6th (D) BERLIN – Columbia Halle
7th (D) WIESBADEN – Rhein Main Halle
8th (D) MUNICH – Zenith
9th (D) OBERHAUSEN – Turbin Halle
11th (S) STOCKHOLM – Hovet
12th (S) GOTHENBURG – Scandanavium
13th (N) OSLO – Spektrum
14th (S) MALMO – Arena
16th (FIN) HELSINKI – Ice Hall

‘III’ is out now on Ferret Music
Check out the video for “Step Up (I’m On It)”