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Muhammed Suicmez descends from mount Olympus, sevenstring forum collectively wets itself!

March 19, 2010

In an unexpected turn of events, guitarist/singer/death metal virtuoso/German Muhammed Suicmez of Necrophagist recently appeared on the forums at, to allow people to ask questions of this god amoung men. The new album still isn’t finished, and even though it’s been 4 years since he started saying this, he’s still saying “It will be out when it’s finished”, despite the fact that tech metal nerds such as myself have been collectively holding our breaths since Necrophagist’s last album, all the way back in 2004. Anyway, check it out, and find out about nerdy things like amps and pickups. Some choice quotes included:

punch-ins are ok, anyone telling you the opposite is not telling the truth or is the next paganini.”

“we want to move away from the idea of charging for knowledge”

“each song has materialized anywhere between 50% and 100%, which makes for an estimated average of 75%”

I ❤ Germans…..