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I kina just want the chick from Otep to shush :/

June 25, 2010

Via her blog:

My friends,

I find myself deep in the rolling green of the beautiful Southern territory of flavorful Fayetteville, Arkansas. The hills are rich with a monochrome flora and the arching landscape is crested by a silky blue sky brimming with billowing clouds moving slowly overhead like an enormous ghost armada returning victorious from war.

The heat is thick and sweltering. It is a strange and wondrous sensory experience.

I see all this and am amazed how anyone could live surrounded by such beauty but care so very little about maintaining it.

I wonder if future generations will ever believe days like this actually existed or will they assume that these are just the words of a demented mind twisted with fantasy or folklore? Perhaps they will lament on the rugged Eden that their ancestors took for granted and squandered in the heavy stink of apathy and inaction?

I remember my home, beautiful Los Angeles, and how sad it is that we do not have skies like those over Arkansas. Our sun rides high above a nicotine-stain of a haze hacked up from the millions of cars belching their lower-regulated exhaust into our atmosphere.

I remember the live webcam of the BP oil spill currently vomiting millions of gallons of crude into our ocean, killing wildlife, poisoning our water, and ultimately us.

If we do nothing, we are consenting to the murder of our planet and condemning future generations to endure a reality far worse than the one we were left by those who failed us generations before.

How many more brave American soldiers must be sent far from home, to kill, to fight, to be injured, to die (or see their friends die) in senseless wars for oil? (Much love & respect to the US Armed Forces.)

How many more innocent animals must perish, confused, suffocating and choking in stinky goo, due to our selfish inaction and apathy?

How many more American dollars will WE allow be sent to fund Iranian nuclear capabilities or the Saudis and ultimately al-queda?

What else needs to happen for us to demand a LEGITIMATE clean energy policy to purge this parasite of petroleum from our national skin?

I realize this will not be an immediate fix. There will be no mass exodus from fossil fuels. Our infrastructure is too dependent on it. Like any junkie, we must be weaned slowly from our petroleum addiction.

It might be a little painful, sure, but Americans are made from hard stock. We braved the rocks and jagged edges of pioneering the wilderness of a new country and we can do it again.

But it only works if we do it together and (this time) do it RIGHT. Clean Energy and Alternative Energy sources will create AMERICAN jobs. Solar, Wind, Hemp, Algae, Ethanol, Natural Gas, et cetera, et cetera will empower and fortify our workforce. Not just financially, but intellectually, and it helps secure the health and beauty of our only home – planet Earth.

Let us reclaim our pioneering spirit:
“If not us, who. If not now, when?”

In art,
Otep Shamaya


“Oil spills are bad mmmkay…

…and I really fucking love metaphores”

I can only imagine how annoying her stage banter must be. She probably says that we have to work together to save the planet blah blah, followed by obvious go-with-the positive-vibe cheer. Remember when you couldn’t see an American band without some smarmy fucker saying something along the lines of “sorry for our president”. Insta-crowd-rappor, like covering Wonderwall at an indie gig. No ones gonna disagree, and it’ll probably get everyone by your side, but it’s such an obnoxious obvious thing to do its kina a dick move. Can’t wait for everyone to start saying what a wonderful human being she is and what a noble supporter of green energy. She’ll probably be further tarnished with the “outspoken political views” brush, which used to mean “a band that makes fun of George Bush”, but now he’s gone I guess these obnoxious “outspoken” political types are having to make do with every blindingly obvious metaphore-and-sugar coated event they can. Oil spills bad, renewable energy good, war bad, noble soldiers good. All this reharsh hardly stikes me as particularly revalatory or noteworthy in any sense. At least she isn’t getting at Barrack Obama for not personally swimming to the bottom of the ocean and plugging the oil with an American flag, like most of America seems to be.

But yeah, shut up Otep. And fuck Rage Against The Machine and their juvenile grasp of politics while I’m at it.


Just to be clear, I agree with what she’s saying, just like any rational person would, and I’m all for political vigilance. I just hate people obnoxiously broadcasting such status quo views for brownie points.


Well Done!!!

December 20, 2009

Well…what is there to really say? except FUCK YEAH WE FUCKING DID IT 😀 Nice work guys!!! And some good comments!!!! It’s certainly been an eventful week or two. With a new year looming lots more great things are going to come out of RC. Today music history has been made, not the most Christmassy song if we’re brutally honest but in the words of Tom Morello; ‘ THE ANARCHY CHRISTMAS MIRACLE OF 2009!!!! THANKYOU. The people united can never be defeated’ Could’ve put it better myself!

Keep reading 😉

Mr Bogle


And the momentum continues to build!!!

December 17, 2009

I admit that the original piece about this topic might seem a tad conceited but I was trying to make an honest point. I can honestly say I am VERY VERY excited to be hearing RATM on Radio 1 right now! Yes its going to censored but still its getting the airplay!! The traffic to this site and the comments are fantastic keep it coming guys!!!

This isn’t political but it goes beyond the christmas no.1. The band are involved, the media is involved and all because of a group on a social networking site!! It’s certainly a very special time and will go down in history no matter what happens on sunday!! I’ll be honest I’m just glad to be hearing good music on the radio…The radio one DJ just summed it up in a nutshell ‘calm down dear its only the charts’. 5 Live are proud of the moment that happened this morning and it was simply incredible.

It’s great to get feedback, wanting to hear more and I’ll be putting out some answers to your comments very soon!!

Mr Bogle


From 11.10pm to 9am…

December 17, 2009

Damn wish I’d got up this morning…To hear Rage Against The Machine scream ‘Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me!’ live on Radio 5! The beeb are certainty walking with their tails between their legs!! even though DJ Nicky Campbell has said that he’s already brought the record the shows producer hastily rushed in to say ‘sorry we asked them not to do that but they did buy Joe’s record!’ does she not realise???!! That’s only going to give Rage more and more publicity. Last night was very special as it was a planned playing of the  song swearing and all but the bands decision to do it this morning is something very very unique. If they’re banned from live radio performances as a result (which knowing the way the media is could well happen) the damage has been done.

Last night I wrote about the power of the internet and fuck me its a powerful tool….a couple of links on the facebook page and within half an hour over 1,000 people had clicked through!!! Thanks for all your comments please keep them coming as this is something we all feel very strongly about and is a definite part of musical history! The last decade has seen the demise and return of Rage Against The Machine so its about time we launched into a new one with them still at the forefront of our minds.

No band has ever had the same impact as Rage did and continue to do so. They are truly unique and this campaign is a sign of just how much the public can do. Please do post the link to the this and the previous two posts EVERYWHERE YOU CAN! It’s important that people have a reality check but that the spirit is maintained. This site is self-funded, run, done everything. We don’t get any promotion unless its me or you!! I’ll be updating thoughout today so check back soon!


Mr Bogle


So there we go…

December 16, 2009

At 11.14pm on Wednesday 16th December 2009 for the third time in 17 YEARS ‘Killing In The Name’ was aired in full on Radio 1….I have less than 5 minutes to write this so I shall be brief. This is BIG news!!! I have goosbumps…I don’t know what to say…what is there to say???

Read the previous post because the ‘RATM4XMAS’ has become somewhat lost in its direction…but when you have the word ‘Fuck’ repeated many times over on mainstream radio…its something VERY special.

Cheers Guys! And keep up the fight for quality music!!!

Mr Bogle


‘Rage Against The XFactor’ – The Christmas Middle Finger to Simon Cowell

December 16, 2009

Unless you’ve had your head in an impenetrable hole over the last seven days you’ll have heard about Jon and Tracy Morters ‘RATM4XMAS NO.1’ Campaign. Now I’m a personal supporter and have ‘done my download’ but it does feel like some are becoming disillusioned with it and the criticisms of it being overly cynical aren’t too far off. Yes its dull now that Cowell has a ‘stranglehold’ on the charts but when some dick starts posting about how its all part of a bigger uprising against a fascist goverment you feel start to feel that he’s lost the plot.

I’m a big Rage fan and was one of the lucky few at the front for their spectacular Reading Festival ’08 show and it was incredible, Zakk was spitting lyrical and verbal venom and there was a definite sense of union. The irony being that it was the first year since Carling has stopped being the sponsor. There’s nothing quite like 180,000 people screaming ‘Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me!’ but the context of the show and the context of a chart race are two very different things. I’m more behind the £40,000 raised for the charity Shelter than any fucking song sales and as for those who bleat ‘but Epic Records is part of Sony so the money goes to the same people regardless’ need to see the fucking POINT! At the end of the day its more of a demonstration of the power of the internet than anything else and the freedom that it gives people, maybe Rage is the lesser of two evils but its still the lesser one.

Other than putting one of the best songs of the last 20 years at the top of the chart at Christmas (something surely unheard of in 1992) the campaign is seriously risking becoming a parody of itself. Like I said, I’m all for it just don’t use a Facebook group as a chance to flout pathetic and immature views.

Mr Bogle