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An Apology to Soil

November 29, 2009

We had an interview with Soil but due to technical malfunction the entire interview has been lost!

This means that all the funny and intriguing stuff we found out is gone, but the highlight is thus-

The band have their heads screwed on right, the lack of ego is awesome and the guys all seem to just enjoy playing the music and performing for the fans.

There is no pretense and they understand the need to still play the music of the old line-up with absolutely no bitter attitude toward it.

The four piece band seems to truly enjoy what they do and enjoy the Idea of just taking the good with the band and growing stronger as an act.

Between that and drinking paint stripper-esque vodka and eating Kettle crisps, it was a good interview and the band answered with honesty and style.

We WILL catch them next time and ensure you get a full interview, rock on!

The RC team



November 29, 2009

Even though Soil were Supporting, they were who I was there to see, and I was interviewing them during the headline (Shinedown) so Soil is who I shall review.

Solid and energetic, with a complete change to the Soil of old, but they don’t forget to play the song that made them famous, although, let’s be fair, it made the band name famous as the band is almost totally unrecognisable now as a four piece.

The band played well, consistently and really drew the crowd in, and for a support act this was very well done, especially since I thought that it would be a one song run, but the crowd seemed fired up throughout and there was a burst during Halo but nothing that paled the rest of the gig.

This new Soil is one to watch out for and I truly think that if the public let them forget the band of old then they have a great future in front of them.

8.5/10 – Solid!