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Could Upon A Burning Body be the ultimate Deathcore/Thugcrab band?

May 6, 2010

Many of you may remember back in early March when I did a post on an exiting new trend, “Thugcrab” (credit still to Jav, of Stuff You Will Hate). As you may or may not remember, Thugcrab was a vibrant development of Crabcore, featuring more guns (via white people’s obsession with putting gangster imagery in everything). Here is the original video from “The Fellowship”, the spark that started the whole thing!

I am now proud to say that the genre is still expanding and heading on to new great heights, as we can see from the keen new upstarts “Upon a Burning Body“!

As well as this video, which features a whole host of things that white people like, such as OTW (other than white) hot chicks, guns & poker, the band push their Crabthug credentials even further by singing entirely about the films of Al Pacino. Yes, that’s right, all their songs are essentially about Scarface, further showcasing that love of all things needlessly gangster. While most of us kids would be content merely hanging that poster up, Upon a Burning Body go and make a whole band dedicated to him!

As well as this, they seem to possibly be the ultimate Deathcore band, as all the evidence so far, such as the gangster stuff, and the picture below seems to point to.

For a start, we have 3 caps, 1 of which is a confirmed New Era, the one at the back awaiting confirmation. Guy to the left just has one of those caps that the foreign terrorist/militant guy in action films always seem to wear. As I pointed out in my “best of 2009” post, New Eras are very much the “Scarlet Letter” of Deathcore bands. If any band you listen to wears these, they just might be Deathcore wiggers! Notable examples include Despised Icon, and pretty much every band that came out in 2009.

Justin Bieber: Deathcore Wigger

Another telltale sign of UABB’s strive to be the king-of-the-core, is the pretty much universal gauged lobes. Along with New Eras, these make up the other half of most important signifiers. UABB seem to be sampling every size from the “epic” plugs worn by the drummer, to the mere baby gauges on the guitarists. Unfortunately, they are yet to be on the level as the current “gauge king”, Suffokate, but the drummer is getting pretty damn close, and if we’re taking combined gauge size, then UABB win!

Least likely deathcore superhero to rehabilitate back into society

The token ethnic is also a big thing on the scene right now to make you seem that little bit more authentic + justify your wiggerific tendencies. You can choose a black dude if you need more raw power (Oceano, Her Demise, My Rise), an Azn for extra cute factor (Chelsea Grin) or a Mexican for hard-working guitarists (The Faceless). It also makes your band photo just that much more alternative, which is extra important when your full sleves are now as individual as last years christmas cards.

I’m very exited for the future of Thugcrab now, and what may become! Will there be more white kids ready to pick up guitars, slam out songs packed with more breakdowns and bassdrops than the rest of the Summerian roster, obsess over faux gang things and OTW hot chicks, and most importantly squat on stage? Only time will tell. Glad that after the Fellowship things didn’t just die down and fizzle out.

Also, these must be the worse gunshot effects ever in any music video EVER, and it doesn’t help that when the chick tries to mime recoil she looks like a 7 year old playing soldiers.

Way worse than the gunshots in The Fellowship’s “The Obelisk”, despite their fucked up attempt at doing a Matrix and going all bullet time.



The Fellowship and the dawn of “Thugcrab”

March 11, 2010

The key moment is 0:30, unison crabcore moshing!

Back in the day (about a year ago?) when Attack Attack! invented crabcore to worldwide critical acclaim, despite having literally turned the genre on it’s head and questioned all the boundaries, with their controvertial “squat moshing”, many a naysayer was quick to suggest that this was merely a “flash in the pan”, and that crabcore was simply a passing fad as it were.


Now I can proudly say that this is not so, and we have a new champion of the genre, The Fellowship. As well as sporting the telltale signs with their amusing squat moshing, executed maybe not as close to the ground as Attack Attack!, and not donning the choice of pros, the “Skinny Jeans”, but still with a young thirst for bending their knees and “getting fucking low”! One can only expect that these younsters have great things in store for them, and I look forward to seeing them getting even closer to the ground in the future.

As well as picking up the torch left by Attack Attack!, The Fellowship have also brought their own twist to the genre, instigating “Thugcrab” (credit to Jav, of Stuff You Will Hate). Doing the same squat moshing style as the former, but adding a more grimey, organised crime vibe to it, as exemplified in the video above.

For some reason, in this video some guy who looks like he may have been in American Head Charge gets all armed up and essentially “does a Columbine” on The Fellowship and their fans. Not quite sure what this is about, something to do with old bands from the Kerrang! of yesturyear reaking bloody retribution on us kids with our rediculous new styles of music and ways to mosh? Is this a warning of what may happen if we continue to squat in music videos so recklessly?

Either they’re in some really fucking dense air that makes the bullet go slow, or they’re playing rediculously fast. Cos something about the speeds here just dosn’t add up. Was also kina wondering if the bassist’s paunch was going to stop the bullet maybe?

However, personal interpretations aside, the important question, is is the crabmoshing done well? Is this the new Attack Attack!?! The best squatter here was the singer, as the others were all either too big or chubby.

Feel like the guitarist is just too tall to really “get” crabcore. Just check his pathetic obtuse leg angle!

If we look at the diagram, we can see that Attack Attack still have a noticable lead, represented by the small red arrow. There is also a much more composed posture on display from them too, note the straight back and shoulders.

However, considering The Fellowship’s youth at their entry to what is, admittedly, one of the more competitive genres of metal or hardcore, I feel that given time the gap (small red arrow) will close. Who knows, are we going to see someone getting even lower? Only time will tell!