Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.

December 14, 2010

Just over 13 months ago I, along with The Iron Eagle and Eyelicker launched Reverse Current. It had come from the ‘ashes’ of Headbang.co.uk a site which, in its last days had been run almost entirely by yours truly. With endless shitty reviews, fake opinions and general bollocks it was kept going until it finally died a death. That was when RC was launched and, for the first few months at least, it was fun. Then life took over, despite what those dicks who attacked Charles and Camilla and climbed the cenotaph tell you, some students work FUCKING HARD! Myself included, not just that, I also grew increasingly weary of metal. An awful lot has changed in my life this year and non more significant that my disaffection with ‘metal’ as a genre. I knew I was bored when I found it a stretch to watch Iron Maiden for two hours at Sonisphere.

So, not only do I now listen to more hardcore than ever before I take genuine pleasure in attempting to piss off at may metalheads as I can. Sure call me a cunt, but I’m no more one than you. Music taste is insignificant now, because whatever I listen to I find I hate it from the outset. Maybe  I do only listen to a couple of tracks before classifying it as worthless shite but that’s my prerogative! I don’t get paid for this shit! Hell, I fucking pay to do it half the time! It’s because of this disaffection with the majority of what I listen too that I’m less likely to write on music than movies, why? Because I love movies and I haven’t had that enjoyment ruined by some prick telling me that I wear the wrong clothes to walk into a fucking cinema.

The main reason why I stopped writing before was because it had become such a struggle to do so, if I’m not enjoying it I see no reason to continue! It would be unfair to say that I haven’t had fun writing for these sites, course I have! At the end of the day I’ve done some awesome things as a result and I’ll always be grateful for those memories. However, I can’t ultimately bring myself to ruin any more music for myself. If you want to criticise me for making that choice. GO AHEAD.

Sure, I’ll write about music when I want too but right now? I don’t want too. Sorry if that spoils the illusion but this just ain’t as fun as it used to be.

Mr Bogle


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