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Hena Habegger of Gotthard will show you a perfect rock show

November 20, 2009
Interviewer – Eyelicker
Interviewee – Hena Habegger

Gotthard are actually one of the few bands of this ilk (classic rock) that I actually appreciate. It was more through them being forced on me by Baz, as well as this interview, but despite being a “progressive” forward thinking individual who has little time for bands and styles of the yesteryear, Gotthard have grown on me massively, and have just gone to show how good songwriting is just good, across the board. Hena was also one of the most enthusiastic and self assured musicians I’ve interviewed, even though it was just on the phone he struck me as someone that would be chill to hang with.

What’s been the reaction to the new album?

So far, nothing negative, everyone is thumbs up, everyone, but this isn’t really a surprise. We made such a good album that we’re all really proud of. We wrote for nine months and chose the best ideas, then flew Rick in and got it down, so after all that we knew it would be great.

What was the inspiration for the religious theme of “Need To Believe”, was it a specific event or just a general feeling?

No religion…the message, and what Gotthard has always been about is the need to believe in yourself. I’m not saying don’t believe in religion or whatever, just do what you believe in, believe in yourself.

Which tracks have significant meaning for you?

“Right from wrong”, because I can hit the drums as hard as I want haha. That song has significant meaning for me because I have always wanted to go my own way, and find my own right from wrong as such. When I wanted to skip school and make music, become a rockstar, all my friends and teachers and parents laughed at me, and told me I couldn’t do it, but I always thought how can they tell me what is right and wrong for me.

Which was your most involved track?

Well, I was involved in every song, because we did it all together. For this album I would find the other guys writing something, and just play something underneath it. We’d just do this until everything just felt right.

Moving to the tour, are you looking forward to revisiting the UK?

Yep! We only have small shows but we’re still really looking forward to it. Next year we’re gonna be playing lots of festivals, so these shows in a way are kind of the warm up shows.

[Unfortunately he couldn’t tell me which festivals, I’m kina hoping bloodstock]

How will it feel to play more intimate settings in the UK compared to huge stadiums?

Every artist would like bigger and bigger shows, but at the same time it’s always nice to play smaller shows and talk to people at the bars after the set. Its nice for the more intimate feeling, and getting to see the fans in a more relaxed environment.

Speaking of the tour, are there any surprises or songs that haven’t been heard live for some time?

I can’t tell you because we haven’t actually began rehearsing yet, or figured out what we will play and how we play it. It takes us about 10 shows to finalise a set list, 20 shows to perfect it. We may actually change a few songs around during the tour, just so it isn’t the exact same set every night.

What is the band’s favourite live track?

For the upcoming tour it will probably be Shangri-la, for me it will be right from wrong.

Do you have any fun stories about the band on tour?

We were once playing a gig in Hungary, where Marc [Lynn-Bass Guitar] suddenly through down his bass during a song, and ran offstage into the crowd, and began pounding someone in the face. This guy had been there since the beginning swearing at us and spitting on the stage, so Marc just took it more and more until he finally broke and had to hit the guy. After that the security in the venue threw him out…that was fun. But we’ve been on the road for nearly 20 years, we’ve seen and lived through almost anything that can happen.

What makes you who you are as a musician? What keeps you in the Biz?

Because I like to play drums? Haha, and because all of us in the band are really good friends too. It’s just so nice to do something for a living that you really enjoy, especially doing it with people who are your best friends.

What are your biggest personal influences in music?

John Bonham, although I’m not a particular Led Zeppelin fan, just as a drummer I’ve always been so inspired by him. Plus as well as that Phil Rudd of AC/DC, and bands like Judas Priest.

What’s your most headbanging track ever?

Where I go crazy? Anytime Anywhere. That or All we Are, although to be honest I try and go crazy for every song.

Do you have any final things to say to our readers before they come to see you live in a few months?

Support us! The more fans we have here the more we can come back, the bigger we become! Come support us, band together, metal stands tall haha! People who don’t know Gotthard are really missing out and should come see us. You will get to see a perfect rock show, its f***ing great!