Ok, so it has been a couple of months and a rocky mess around to get the site up and running. We are the final contributors of the bang and instead of letting it die, we thought we would reinvent it, anyone who was awesome enough to have seen the bang would know the way it ran. For those who never read it, it was a monthly(ish) based e-zine centred on rock and metal. At the time of its inception, it worked very well and had a very enthused bunch of people at the helm, the enthusiasm soon lapsed and 3 years later we decided to rename the site to try and reinvigorate it.

This was pretty short lived as we soon came to realise that the thing that was killing us was the month to month format, it was too hard to time properly and keep running with style and great content every month with lack of backing from the bigger labels. Now we have figured what oh so many before us had already latched onto… Blogs are easy to manage, fun to write and can be updated constantly making for interviews to be published faster and live reviews to be published on the night! This was not only reinvigorating the old site but reinventing the format and changing up the structure, then came the decision to write differently, reduce the need for more writers and just keep the site updated regularly with content from more varied sources, not just hacking away at conventional rock and metal, Reverse Current is about versatility.

If you have any suggestions about the site, be it layout or content; tell us, we take all ideas seriously!

To promote your band or a friend’s band or even just a band or artist that you really believe in, email us with a little about the act, some idea of what music you do and maybe a link to your site, we will endeavour to reply to all emails on this front. We will attempt to review what we can but please remember that your act will be one in a thousand and only the most unique or outstanding are likely to get a review!

If you are reading this now it means that you are one of the amazing people that have surprised us by being here even before we begin to advertise and promote the site with any effort. Thank you!

Email us on –





Please take a second to tell us which you prefer –



  1. Guys, it looks absolutely amazing, you’ve clearly worked so hard!!! Well done, keep it up 🙂 xxxx

  2. It all looks great, guys! I’m thinking that the new blog format will be much better than the monthly thing, well done 🙂

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