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What chat to Razor Of Occam

November 20, 2009

  1. If you were talking to a brand new listener, how would you describe your music?

As a mix of black and thrash metal. The black metal influence is mainly to found in the vocals and perhaps in the drumming. The thrash influences are in the left hand; frenetic riffing and frequent solos. It is quick and relentless, but not ridiculously fast. Most of all it is crushingly heavy.

2. What or who most inspires you to play this type of music?

We are none of us spring chickens any more and most of our influences are drawn from bands of the late eighties and early nineties. This was the music we listened to in our formative years and it seems that is the music that sticks with you for life. That said, we are not trying to simply rehash the past, I think there remains room for musical evolution within the established boundaries of metal.

3. What has been the reaction to your latest album?

On the whole the reaction has been pretty positive. This is a bit of a surprise to me, as I would have thought it a bit extreme for popular consumption. Times are changing. One thing is certain – this is not easy listening. It seems that it can sound chaotic and tuneless at first, some reviewers have pointed out that it requires a lot of effort on the part of the listener to be able to appreciate the melodies and changes. I would like to think that the rewards are there for those prepared to make the effort.

4 . What is the biggest inspiration for the album?

As the title suggests, the lyrics were inspired by the deeds of the great scientific pioneers who risked their lives and lost them in the quest for knowledge. These brave men stuck their heads over the parapet and caught a glimpse of reality not readily apparent to our limited senses. When they returned to share their vision they died under torture, tortured by religious authorities whose power depended on the ignorance of the masses and tortured by their own personal demons, disturbed as they pushed their minds to the limit of human understanding.

5. On that album what track are you personally most proud of? (i.e. which one do you feel has the most of you in it?)

It is hard to say, we want every track to stand on its own and I think they are all pretty consistent. But if you take Shadow of the Cross, you have a track that has a bit of everything in there, one that is a bit of a showcase. Flame Bearers is a bit of a tribute to the old German thrash bands. You may pick up some influences from Destruction in there – one of my personal favourites.

6. What for you was your best tour/show?

On the Gospel of the horns tour in 2003 we played a show in Helsinki. We had just arrived from the ferry where we had been taking advantage of their smorgasbord. It included as much as you could drink which was quite a bit back then. So we arrived at the venue in high spirits and the locals were equally jolly, in typical Finnish fashion. We played surprising well and the crowd reaction was unbelievable, making for a great night. In fact, I am led to understand that show is still remembered fondly to this day in Finland.

7. If you could play with any band, who would it be?

Destroyer came close to touring the US with Absu. That would have been the ultimate experience for me, unfortunately though it fell through.

8. What is your best story about this band?(i.e. when touring, recording or writing)

There was a memorable occasion in Budapest, when certain members of the tour visited a strip club during a night off.  When they failed to return we went to find them. It turned out the mafia types running the place had holed them up and were demanding hundreds of euros for ridiculously overpriced drinks they had unknowingly purchased. We had a great time trying to convince them to do a runner, to ‘bop our way back to Coney’. The events of that night were immortalized in song, an amusing ditty that still gets sung on rare drunken occasions.

9. What’s next?

Mindful of the time taken to produce this album, we have already commenced writing for the next one. We are planning to play a couple of festivals this summer and hope to tour later in the year.

10. What is your most headbanging track?

I have got plenty. But when you are drunk as hell and looking for a good headbanging moment I can recommend Deicide’s Dead but Dreaming. I have ambushed a few people with that one.