Our bio…or something

We are a bunch of music journalists and are therefore arrogant and highly opinionated and think that we are very funny and intelligent and that we alone know what is right and what is wrong about the music industry.  Much the same as the rest. (But just a little bit better…)

We will not hesitate to insult, berate, pan and generally say whatever we want about your work, however many hours, days or years it took you to come up with it.  We will lose no sleep in doing so either… Just in case you were worried.

We expect you to defend your work with intellect and dwarf our arguments, show us that we are wrong, mock our opinions and generally make us feel inferior!  If you fail to do this, we are right and the steaming heap of crap that you just wasted all your time on really did suck.

On the other hand (whichever happens to be your least favoured, I favour the right, so the other hand in this case would be my left, you can choose your least favoured hand…) if we happen to think that your work kicked ass and was very much worth the memory it has taken on our collective iTunes, have the common decency to be humble and not say a word about it, let others do that for you.

If you are a purveyor of the music we review and have a differing opinion, great, tell us, see if you can change our minds… Pure stubborn arrogance says it’s very freakin’ unlikely that we will, but hey, Gordon Brown got the PM Job, anything’s possible these days.

We would like to remind all readers to take most news articles published via this blog with a handful of table salt (cause if you don’t you’ll feel like its been thrown in your face) The music we review is whatever we feel like, please don’t pigeonhole us (even though you probably will).

It is simple: If you don’t like what we gotta say, join in, disagree publically or take a right down the road of get a life.

TheIronEagle/Mr Bogle/EyeLicker




  1. Mr Bogle/Eyelicker,

    Good day to you! I met one of your esteemed reviewers (or was it
    one of you?) at Bloodstock last weekend when I mistook one of your
    writers for my bandmate Alex in the tea-tent staffed by the
    foul-mouthed, but lacily-clad Romanian lady wearing the large hat.

    After sorting out the case of mistaken identity, we established
    that the chap in question was one your writers; I told him that we
    were playing at Bloodstock on the Sunday, to which he suggested that
    we send you a copy of our CD for a review.

    Our band is Core Project; we played on the New Blood Stage on
    Sunday afternoon; if you are still willing and able to write a review
    on our debut EP, /Singularities/, that would be superb and much
    appreciated. I won’t go on about who we’re influenced by etc etc as
    I’d rather you figured out what we sound like for yourselves. If you like it,
    great! I’ll send you a Core Project flight case sticker. And if you hate it, I won’t
    send round the boys to duff you up, but I will tell all my friends
    that you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    Please email back with an address and I will despatch a CD in the
    post for you. If you would like to know a little more about us, please
    take a look around our website at http://www.coreproject.co.uk[1] or drop me
    an email right here.



    PS I’m messaging you here as my email to you got sent back my mailer daemon. Do the email addresses on your site work?

    • Dan,

      It wasn’t me (I gave that particular sludgefest a miss this year) but a review should still be all ok. Our emails are being transferred across servers currently so that’s why it wouldn’t have worked.

      I’ll let you know once things are up and running and also where to send the CD too.

      Mr B

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