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Charred Walls Of The Damned – Charred Walls Of The Damned

February 11, 2010

Label: Metal Blade

When the guy who used to drum for Death founds a new band you immediately sit-up and listen (well I did). I’m not going to waste space here listing the credentials of the four musicians that make up Charred…  All you need to know is, these guys know what they are doing when it comes to music. The album itself sounds very Iced Earth-esqu at points (no surprise really considering the fact the connections between this band and IE) but before you run away and hide under a rock at the mention of  ‘power metal’ its important to say that that is the last tag I would seek to associate with this band. In fact the furiously tapped bass intro to ‘Blood On Wood’ feels closer to Necrophagist than DragonforceIf this band do anything, they play heavy metal, much in the way that Iron Maiden play heavy metal.

All-star collaborations can be dodgy business at times but thankfully in this case it’s been for the better. Opener ‘Ghost Town’ has the feel of an immediate metal classic. A sense which reverberates for the following thirty minutes and never ceases. Yes that’s right, this album is just thirty-five minutes long. I know some of you will moan about value for money and stuff like that, but personally I’d rather get half an hour of quality music than seventy minutes of utter drivel.

Generally when band’s try to mix styles on a record it’s a recipe for disaster, CWOTD do it with precision and prowess and as such it feels perfectly natural to hear. I could write lots more about this record but if I’m honest I’d rather just listen to it again (and again) it’s that good. Yes I admit it’s not going to be for everyone, but those who like it, will love it.


Mr Bogle


Metal Blade News Update: 20/11/09

November 21, 2009


UPCOMING RELEASE DATES 23.11.09 GWAR-‘America Must Be Destroyed’ (CD+DVD Re-Issue)
23.11.09 IMPIOUS-‘Death Domination’ (CD)
18.01.10 SIX FEET UNDER-‘Graveyard Classics 3’ (CD)
18.01.10 VALKYRJA-‘Contamination’ (CD)
01.02.10 CHARRED WALLS OF THE DAMNED-‘Charred Walls Of The Damned’ (CD+DVD)

ARMORED SAINT post video clips from studio online!

Mighty ARMORED SAINT are nearly finished mixing their new album! You can watch video footage from the studio, uploaded straight from the notebook of drummer Gonzo! Go check!

Joey Vera laying down some bass tracks <>
Again Joey at work <>
Gonzo tracking drums for ‘Head On’ <>
Gonzo tracking drums for ‘La Raza’ <>

The new ARMORED SAINT album is expected to drop worldwide in March of 2010 through Metal Blade Records! <> <>

AUTUMN to support THE GATHERING on upcoming European tour!

Female fronted Dutch heavy rock outfit AUTUMN will be supporting THE GATHERING on their “The West Pole/20th Anniversary” European tour in January and February 2010.

22/01/10 – DE – Krefeld – Kulturfabrik
23/01/10 – DE – Erfurt – HsD
24/01/10 – DE – Berlin – Columbia Club
26/01/10 – DE – Karlsruhe – Substage
27/01/10 – DE – Nürnberg – Hirsch
28/01/10 – CZ – Praha – Abataon
29/01/10 – PL – Krakow – Loch Ness
30/01/10 – SI – Bratislava – Randal
31/01/10 – HU – Budapest – Diesel
01/02/10 – HR – Zagreb – Mochvara
02/02/10 – IT – Milan – Zoe
04/02/10 – ES – Barcelona – Salamandra 1
05/02/10 – ES – Alicante – Nave 8
06/02/10 – ES – Granada – El Tren
07/02/10 – ES – Madrid – Heineken
09/02/10 – FR – Lyon – Ninkasi Kao
10/02/10 – CH – Pratteln – Z7
11/02/10 – DE – Aschaffenburg – Colos-Saal
12/02/10 – BE – Vosselaar – Biebob
13/02/10 – FR – Lille – Le Splendid
14/02/10 – FR – Paris – Elysée Montmartre

Comments AUTUMN“It’s truly an honor for us to join forces with a band that rocked the cradle of contemporary female fronted heavy music and that has since then firmly set its own unique course into uncharted territory throughout its 20 year history. The Gathering have managed to create a trademark sound that sets them apart from the wealth of bands that followed in their footsteps and in this sense they have been a true inspiration for us.

Though our musical styles may differ slightly, we feel that Autumn and The Gathering share a very similar approach to music: persevering in the face of setbacks and rising to the challenge of creating music that expands our musical boundaries while remaining close to the hearts of both ourselves and our fans.

An evening with The Gathering and Autumn therefore holds the promise of being a varied, honest and intense musical experience. We hope to welcome you at one of these shows!”

For a statement by THE GATHERING and more info on the tour, check out <> ! <> <>

CHARRED WALLS OF THE DAMNED release track listing and front cover to self-titled debut album!

As CHARRED WALLS OF THE DAMNED prepare for their self-titled, first-ever album out January, 29th / February, 1st 2010 – the group is gearing up for their official release by announcing the track listing and unleashing the album’s artwork upon the metal world. The self-titled debut by CHARRED WALLS OF THE DAMNED. contains nine tracks and a bonus DVD: “The Making of Charred Walls of the Damned” – and comes in a Digipak.

1. Ghost Town
2. From The Abyss
3. Creating Our Machine
4. Blood on Wood
5. In a World So Cruel
6. Manifestations
7. Voices Within the Walls
8. The Darkest Eyes
9. Fear in the Sky
*Bonus DVD The Making of Charred Walls of the Damned

CHARRED WALLS OF THE DAMNED was produced by Jason Suecof and recorded at his Orlando, FL based studio, Audiohammer Studios, and boasts an all-star lineup consisting of some of metal’s most talented musicians.

Richard Christy, former drummer for Death and Iced Earth, comedian, and radio personality on the legendary Howard Stern Show on Sirius-XM Satellite Radio on drums. Famed producer Jason Suecof who has produced and/or mixed some of the most prominent albums from metal’s leading bands, including: Trivium, All That Remains, The Black Dahlia Murder, Chimaira, DevilDriver and many, many more, on guitars. Tim “Ripper” Owens, who fronted heavy metal legends Judas Priest from 1996 to 2002, performed alongside Richard in Iced Earth from 2003 to 2004, and currently performs with Beyond Fear and Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force, on vocals. And one of metal’s most heralded bassists, Steve Digiorgio, who played alongside Richard in the bands Control Denied and Iced Earth, and has also performed with Death, Autopsy, Testament, Vintersorg, and is a founding member of technical thrash pioneers Sadus.

The self-titled debut album of CHARRED WALLS OF THE DAMNED will be released the 29th of January / 1st of February 2010 all over Europe via Metal Blade Records!

Add CHARRED WALLS OF THE DAMNED at their brand new MySpace site: <> !

GOATWHORE European tour kicking off next week!

American Black Metallers GOATWHORE will embark on a European tour in November with TOXIC HOLOCAUST and SKELETONWITCH. The tour is beginning next week Friday, don´t miss out on this great Underground event!

(3-bands co-headline tour, the bands will rotate every night)

27.11.09 Netherlands Nijmegen @ Doornroosje
28.11.09 Belgium Gent @ Minus One
29.11.09 UK Plymouth @ White Rabbit
30.11.09 UK Glasgow @ Ivory Blacks
01.12.09 UK Sheffield @ Corporation
02.12.09 UK London @ Underworld
03.12.09 UK Birmingham @ Eddie’s
05.12.09 UK Prestatyn Sands @ Hard Rock Hell
06.12.09 Day Off / Travel Day
07.12.09 France Nantes @ Le Ferrailleur
08.12.09 Germany Trier @ Exhaus
09.12.09 Germany Hamburg @ Hafenklang
10.12.09 Denmark Copenhagen @ Loppen
11.12.09 Germany Berlin @ Cassiopeia
12.12.09 Germany Bischofswerda @ Eastclub
13.12.09 Poland Wroclaw @ Wagon
14.12.09 Czech Rep Prague @ 007
15.12.09 Germany München @ Feierwerk
16.12.09 Italy Arcene (Bergamo) @ Soundcheck
17.12.09 Switzerland Zürich @ Abart
18.12.09 Germany Darmstadt @ Steinbruch Theater
19.12.09 Germany Essen @ Turock <> <>

GWAR’s ‘America Must Be Destroyed’ deluxe edition with “Tour De Scum” and “Phallus In Wonderland” out this week!

The almighty GWAR have unleashed upon the unwitting populace of Europe a special collection of classics from the GWARchives. America Must Be Destroyed, GWAR’s 1992 opus, can now be purchased in a special edition digipak that’s also crammed with a DVD that includes the seminal GWAR films Tour De Scum and Phallus In Wonderland. Never before have they all been available in one package for you to get your clammy human hands on!

The America Must Be Destroyed special edition is available everywhere from Friday/Monday on!

12,99,- BUY <>
<> <>

HAIL OF BULLETS premiere new video for ‘Warsaw Rising’ on!, the internet’s source for the most (in quantity and substance) metal videos, is bringing you the latest assault from HAIL OF BULLETS!

Warsaw Rising, from the EP of the same title, is a live video that features Martin Van Drunen and co.’s crushing live show. The video can be seen RIGHT NOW on
<> !

Comments drummer Ed Warby: “Our first official video features the Bullets performing the track Warsaw Rising against a backdrop of total, all-out war! With its muted colour palette emulating the super-imposed archive footage of destruction, this is the perfect visual companion to our brutal aural onslaught!”

Warsaw Rising features two new tracks, Warsaw Rising and Liberators, live tracks for Red Wolves Of Stalin, Nachthexen, The Crucial Offensive, and a cover of Twisted Sister’s Destroyer. You can purchase the EP on iTunes HERE <> . European fans can buy the EP on HERE <> .

“I don’t know if it’s their wealth of experience, pure talent, or sheer love of the music, but this band has just the right energy and atmosphere to unload classic, kick-ass death metal even in this day and age, without sounding too modern or like a complete throwback.”

“Rarely do Death Metal performances come across clean and powerful on live albums, but these three tracks are quite amazing.”

“True to their World War II themes, “Warsaw Rising” and “Liberators” roll like tanks, while the doomy stomp of Twisted Sister’s “Destroyer” is a surprisingly good fit.”

“When you think there’s no hope left for brutal music, where every band sounds the same, HAIL OF BULLETS comes along and just level everything with the ground. Pretenders – move over!” Silenoz/DIMMU BORGIR


December 2009

19th    CORK – Winterfest @ An Cruiscin Lan <> <>

IMPIOUS ‘Death Domination’ full album stream on!

Swedish Death Metal veterans, IMPIOUS, are poised to unleash their third album on Metal Blade Records, Death Domination. We could tell you all day long how good this band is, how they’ve been crushing audiences worldwide since 1994, and how their new album is a crushing slab of death metal – OR, you could head on over to <> and stream Death Domination in its entirety and judge for yourself!

Guitarist Valle Adzic adds about the album: Death Domination is our sixth album, and I must say it’s the first time I’m actually really happy about how the end result turned out. It just gets my engines pumping, you know? We’re talking about ultra brutal death metal here, but still it has those memorable hooks somehow. Death Domination is a team effort that’s as honest as it can get. We’re not trying to be original or something, we’ve simply just worked hard on making the best songs we can come up with, and then get that on tape. I think people will notice that rock solid energy and confidence, and I hope they’ll appreciate the album as much as we do. It’s our fastest most aggressive record to this date for sure.”

Death Domination will be released in Europe the 20th/23rd of November, 2009!

Click to HERE <> stream Death Domination in its entirety NOW!! <> <>

VALKYRJA finish recordings for ‘Contamination’ and reveal tracklisting & artwork!

Swedish Black Metallers VALKYRJA have finished recordings for their 2nd album Contamination! Again recorded at Necromorbus Studios (Deströyer 666, Watain) with Tore Stjerna at the helm, Contamination is the logical successor to the bands debut album The Invocation Of Demise (re-issued by Metal Blade Records in July 2009).VALKYRJA act even more relentless than on their first effort and they have also refined their sense for compelling melodies close to perfection!

The band comments on Contamination as follows: “The two years which have passed since the ‘The Invocation of Demise’ session has been a hectic period of composing, crafting and some line-up changes. During this last summer VALKYRJA manifested the second album. There were no doubts that we would return to Necromorbus Studio, again with Tore Stjerna as producer, and the outcome of this session formed an abominable weapon. January 2010 Metal Blade Records will unleash this dweller of the underworld – by far the strongest material thus far – namely Contamination, a mark of violent and dark Metal for the predator and beast of opposition within man.”

Every Black Metal fan in general and followers of DISSECTION and NAGLFAR in particular will love the hymnic riffing and the vicious atmosphere VALKYRJA unleash on their new album.

Crowned by a top-notch, freezing cold and brutal production, Contamination is indeed the first Black Metal highlight of the new year and makes VALKYRJA THE Black Metal band to watch out for in 2010!

Tracklisting Contamination:
1. Advent…
2. Oceans to Dust
3. Catharsis (Contaminate the Earth)
4. Solstice in Withdrawal
5. Laments of the Destroyed
6. Ambience of the Dead
7. The Womb of Disease
8. Welcoming Worms
9. A Cursed Seed in the World
10. The Adversarial Incentive Within All

Contamination will be released all over Europe the 15th/18th of January 2010! <>