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Stuff you need to listen to – If These Trees Could Talk

January 2, 2011

It’s two days into 2011, my first post of the year and I’m writing about…? Post-Rock. In all honesty, I did only discover said genre properly in the year that’s just left but I feel that I start this new one fully ready to immerse myself in all it’s melancholic glory. (Ok, so I sound REALLY brown-nosed and I’ve yet hit 1,000 words… bollocks) Returning to the matter in hand, that being why post-rock is just so damn brilliant. In particular why you should give ITTCT a listen.

My first ‘post-rock’ was probably 65daysofstatic back in 2006 and in all honesty I thought it was shite. Granted I’d now happy go and punch my former self in the face before cutting off my hair, yelling ‘Iron Maiden suck balls’ before leaving to do some hardcore drive-bys. But, alas we all have a past which we’re ashamed of (otherwise we wouldn’t try so damn hard to escape it) even so, I wouldn’t be who I am now if it wasn’t for what I was in the past… You get the damned point. Anyway, in the last 12 months it would be fair to say that I’ve changed quite a bit, I’ve lost all enthusiasm for writing about music (see my last post) and I’ve remembered why I love cinema quite so much. But that’s all for another day.

Back to post-rock, now you may well know Mogwai, 65daysofstatic and God Is An Astronaut but ITTCT have a criminally low number of listeners. True, you won’t get anything particularly unusual with this bunch. Both the album and the E.P are fairly standard, but nonetheless solid, post-rock records. The music itself moves from intricate passages to roaring crescendo’s and one track features more emotion that the entire Dream Smearater discography could ever muster. The sound quality on this track is pretty crappy, but that’s YouTube for you… just go buy the bloody thing;

So there you go, a fresh slice of some post-rock magic to help bring in 2011 in true musical style. If you do just one thing this year, make it realising that metalheads take themselves far too seriously and could all do with a good kicking. Plus, Trolling is more fun than you could possibly imagine.

Happy New-fucking-Year!

Mr Bogle


Heavy Metal in Baghdad (2008)

September 16, 2010

Heavy Metal in Baghdad is a film that sets the bar on heavy metal films, it’s up their with Metal a Headbanger’s, Global Metal and errr, errm, well I haven’t seen Anvil: Story of Anvil, so yeah, don’t know if it’s one of the greats,if you seen it by all means give some thoughts. Any who Heavy Metal in Baghdad, is a hum dinger of a documentary that follows Iraqi band Acrassicauda and you know how bands have a rough background, well those out there in a band that has ‘back story’, go fuck yourself Acrassicauda had to be one of the worst off group of people in the world and what fucked is the fact the seem to be so cool about their situation is astounding (till thing go from fucked to worst bu t you have to watch it to get what I’m blabbering on about).

It makes me think how I would react in their situation and I came to a conclusion, that I’d react badly and I’m in a good situation at the moment, and I do nothing but bitch about everything, everyone and everywhere, I’m soft as shite essentially and I can barely last five minutes in the majority of places let alone Baghdad. The thing that I tip my bonnet to is the conditions that this film was produced under as surprisingly traveling to and thro a war zone is some what of a task within itself, oh and actually arriving there must be a bit of a “oooh fuck” moment as well as setting up camera and filming, the bass player even turns round and said that going to Iraq was a bit of a mistake, although he does so with a bit of sincerity (bless is cotton socks). They film the majority of the thing from the inside of a car surround by a security agency (a scatty one at that), it takes years for the presenter to actually meet the band, despite years of contact with the band.

Not only does the film show the plight of the band but also give the audience an insight in the Iraq war that you don’t see on the news, at the best of time it made me feel like a bell end for watching it on my fancy computer in my lovely house with a steaming cup of coco. Although Acrassicauda don’t need to rely on a guilt trip to get you to listen to them as their actually good band, there a straight up metal band but have some Arabic influence within the tunes giving it a bit more flava (know what I’m sayin’).

Though what I find the best part of the film is you don’t have to a pretty penny for it which is shit hot as it all on and whilst you’re at it you got to check out Vice’s Guide to Traveling to North Korea.

And before I forget here’s a link to the film:–2



Too many, too soon

May 25, 2010

R.I.P Paul Gray

Slipknot's Paul Gray 1972-2010

Rest In Peace, buddy, you’re already missed.


In light of recent events today’s post simply says….

May 17, 2010

Rest In Peace – Ronnie James Dio

1942 – 2010

You will be greatly missed, our deepest condolences go out to Dio’s family and friends at this time.


Reverse Current TV!

May 5, 2010

Well I’ve been pestering people, running all about the place with a video camera and interviewing the shit out of bands pre show. To bring RCTV this is the pilot episodes with Gosport based band Bloodworks, who graciously gave me a photo pass in exchange for a semi good interview, so the first point I would like to make is brief thank you to Bloodworks.

The actual interview was a shamble considering I was in a rush to meet the band I failed to get my questions written down and as I barely know where the fuck I am half the time this was a somewhat of spanner in the works, so my next thanks goes to the magic of editing, ALL PRAISES TO THE EDIT SUITE!

As this is only the pilot I’m planning on making to the next episode changes see (note to self, add a New York Gangster voice for that sentence). Firstly I’m hoping to get a presenter as I was planning on presenting myself, but as I was born with a charisma deficiency being competent in front of the camera is somewhat of an effort, also any changes you would like to see in the following video then by all means write them down in your comments (I’ll promise I’ll only resent your criticism a little bit).

I should also give a little explanation as to who Bloodworks are, well the interviewees are Truk (bassist) and Keiran (vocals/guitar), but I suppose it isn’t fair leaving the other two members out of the spot light so the guy sweep picking with the fabulous and lustrous black locks of hair that swayed so delicately in the wind is Lewis (Lead Guitarist and a fucking good one at that) and the adorable little sweety pie behind the drum kit is Liam of drummer a metal band at the tender age of five! (that’s a straight up lies he’s like fourteen or something , but I bet you believe it for a brief second there). So I encourage you to check them out on their MySpace:

Now to wrap this up I’m with some kind of whimsical statement,I hope you enjoy it and thanks you for watching.



The British Are Coming! – Shy Of The Depth

April 19, 2010

Yes it’s true the British are indeed coming (hard on your face or towards the beaches… either works for me). Basically having realised in recent months the sheer amount of British metal talent currently inhabiting the internet it felt too much to try and cover in the space of one mega-long post. So instead it’s going to be a series of posts, not over a set week or month or anything as dumb as that but just as and when I feel like writing them. One of the major advantages of that being that I can keep it going for as long as I feel like doing. Do free to suggest bands (but please don’t go suggesting your little crappy school band simply because you want to ‘make it’ as I will ignore you).

  • Shy Of The Depth

In 2008, I among many others mourned the loss of quite possibly the finest British metal band (or at least underground band) the mighty SikTh. Thankfully I was able to witness the blinding performance that they were capable of. Even now I’m still blown away by ‘Hold My Finger’ and ‘Pussyfoot’. But anyway, this is an article about new bands and the reference to SikTh will become apparant soon enough. Now seems as good a time as any… basically Shy Of The Depth owe one helluva lot to the late technical masters. And whilst the available tracks on their Myspace certainly isn’t on a par with the underground legends there is a lot of promise.

The band are clearly very skilled and have a sound which draws not only from SikTh but also from the likes of Meshuggah and Textures. Bearing in mind that the 4-track E.P was recorded several years ago (and not long after the band’s line-up had been completed) it’s pretty fucking good. I first met the guys playing support to the aforementioned Swedish technical behemoth that is Meshuggah. And whilst their set was far from perfect it had potential.

The music is a mix of driving bass, gutteral screams and machine-like drumming. Displaying the right of mix of heaviness and intimacy without going too far each way, as I said before its a long way from perfect but it’s on the right track. And anyway could you do any better? Thought not. ‘Unborn Menace’ is certainly the best track they’ve recorded so far and is the best example of their ability.

Now the band’s Facebook page seems to be the main source of any info (is Myspace finally dying in the UK too?) but they do still have a Myspace page (I think I do too for that matter…) but none the less, they seem to be doing something (maybe I should actually try and be like a fucking journalist and get some comment next time…) who knows… The point is you should check them out, don’t try and compare them to anyone or anything, take it at face value. What’s important to me is the fact that since the demise of SikTh there seems to be a distinct lack of decent underground British metal. Sure we have The Rotted and Malefice (whom SOTD have toured with as it happens) but apart from that… ?

Since I couldn’t find a YouTube of SOTD I decided to include one of SikTh, cause they’re just so fucking good;

Mr Bogle


A Brief Industrial Introduction

March 31, 2010

I thought I’d do a little introduction to an area of music I totally love, because most people love or at least know the likes of NIN and Rammstein, but there are loads of awesome bands out there in the same genre that are a bit harder to find but just as amazing. Anyway this is just intended to be a brief intro to the area, so don’t moan if I’m not going in depth about a certain band. I’ve had to restrain my love for NIN as it is.

So, to start us off I feel a bit of an explanation is in order. ‘Industrial’ was a term coined by the group Throbbing Gristle in the 1970s when they formed their Industrial Records label. TG are massively influential and are attributed with starting the scene, however industrial music then, to industrial music now are regarded as very different things. Many people argue that modern “industrial” metal has no relation to the older industrial groups, despite many of the current bands citing the older bands as influences. This article is mainly going to focus on the genre regarded today as industrial metal (sorry to offend purists, but get over yourselves its quality music).

Throbbing Gristle referred to themselves as an art form rather than a band, and if you listen to them, you’ll see why (I wont go in depth about them, because they really must be heard to be believed, youtube it or something). They essentially consisted of band members but created music that can be best described as pure emotion and ideas. Where as the likes todays bands write about screaming their hearts out and whining about something that pisses them off, these guys would actually whine and scream, creating a sound that definately isn’t what you’d call chart topping but is far from just noise.

The next, I suppose, logical step up from TG is Skinny Puppy. These guys took what Throbbing Gristle did with their ambient and just fucking bizarre noises and made it move more. They added specific beats and repetition which would become a mainstay of industrial riffage later on. In fact their song “Dig It” went on to influence Trent Reznor into making “Down In It”, the first single released off of NIN’s 1989 debut album, Pretty Hate Machine. While Skinny Puppy clearly have the talent, integrity and odd live shows, they still aren’t for every metal fan. While they do just about use guitars and can be quite heavy in places, they aren’t metal. But it is catchy and a good first step to make away from the mainstream metal standards. A good album to start with would be their greatest hits, a nice introduction to something a bit different. Check out the track: “Warlocked”

The next band is one of the most mainstream groups. Nine Inch Nails burst onto the scene in the late 80’s and have stayed firmly in the metal mainstream since, which is where the line that divides between the industrial camps lies. These are the guys who spread the industrial metal name and placed the genre into the mainstream. Nine Inch Nails have been one of the most credible (thanks to it’s sole hard working mainman Trent Reznor) bands to enter the metal scene as a whole. Their die hard fan base building up to such an extent that he left his record label and released not only 1 but 2 albums within a year with no advertising. The latter being a full album, released for free as a thank you, and was downloaded 1.4 million times in just over a month. NIN’s best albums are arguably regarded as anything before 2005’s “With Teeth” but I would happily listen to the whole lot without complaint. However I would recommend buying “The Downward Spiral”, if you’re a die hard metal fan who likes his out and out extreme and angry stuff, then this album will knock your fucking socks off, and still does mine every day. Check out anything from The Downward Spiral, or the single “The Perfect Drug”, or their live videos. I could go on. (Also, despite Trent’s recent retirement from performing live, god dammit, there is something new coming from NIN camp, what, I don’t know. But rest assured I’ll be first in line)

Now that you’ve dragged me off of NIN I shall move on. Ministry, the brain child of Al Jourgensen (who, like Trent, also has fingers in lots of little pies), started about the same time as NIN, yet remained slightly more in obscurity throughout the years. Their music is based more around looped drum beats and repetitive riffs and sampling, one might opt to describe it as Industrial Thrash at times. Al incorporates the same techniques as NIN, yet slightly more stripped down, which can mean it’s a bit harder to listen to. While I’m not an expert on Ministry, I would highly recommend giving “Rio Grande Blood” a listen. However my main quarrel with Ministry is that though the riffs are amazing, there are some fucking irritating samples of George W Cunt Bush placed here and there, and while I get the fact it’s an industrial album, and thats what its about, in some places it ruins a fucking stunning song. Still, a worthy introduction to a quality band, that’s not only seen more members than a hooker, but one of them was the inimitable Joey Jordison.  Check out the track: “Senor Peligro”

I’m fairly sure you’re all familiar with this bunch of nutters. Rammstein appeared in the 90’s releasing the awesome albums Herzeleid and Sehnsucht, with the type of catchy, stompy riff that keeps us headbanging and a smoking hot (literally) live show. You already know about Rammstein, so I’ll leave you with a recommended album in “Mutter” or “Live Aus Berlin”, which encompasses all of Rammstein’s best early stuff. Check out: “Der Meister”

Now we delve into the slightly more obscure, however I am sticking with familiar territory, well mainland Europe. KMFDM (who incidentally are coming to London later this year, anyone wanna come?) were formed in Paris and as most industrial bands are, it is the bastard child of one man, Sascha Konietzko. Their albums (despite featuring similarly themed album covers and titles) are slightly more rocky than metal, I’d compare them to NIN’s ‘With Teeth’, incidentally, Sascha has remixed some songs for Trent. KMFDM vary quite a between songs. They definitely have the riffs and heavy thrashing of the metal scene, while some songs lend themselves well to an almost clubby vibe, catchy choruses and beats. A noteable album to check out is “WWIII”, which starts with the awesome double kick assault of WWIII, before dropping into the catchy and groovy stomp of “From Here On Out” which wouldn’t be out of place on the charts, should the general public ever gain any taste.  Track to check out: “From Here On Out”

PIG belongs to Raymond Watts, who is also a partner of KMFDM, yet on this project we have more of a grittier feel. The electronics being slightly darker, leaning more NIN than Rammstein, say. The guitar work has more of a chunky chug to it, with vocals akin to those haunting growls and screeches of Skinny Puppy. I would describe these guys best as a heavier, more obscure NIN. While not as extravagant and mainstream (though still good) as NIN, these guys are what NIN would have become if Trent had listened to less Gary Numan and more Slayer. Good album to check out is “Pigmata”, it’s a scorcher. Track to check out: “Suck Shit Spit”

Revolting Cocks (or RevCo) are a project of Al Jourgensen and is, in my opinion, nothing that amazingly different from Ministry, they still have those awesome beats, clever guitar and samples, but a whole album of it gets a bit much. The only album I’ve got is “Beers, Steers & Queers”, it’s not bad but I tire of it easily, but if you’re a huge Ministry fan, you’ll probably end up loving this quickly. Track to check out: “Beers, Steers & Queers”

The last band to add to the roster of ever growing groups I need to listen to more is Pigface. This was born for a Ministry tour, being instigated by Al Jourgensen and then taken over by Martin Atkins and (scene whore) Bill Reiflin. Pigface records with various musicians on each release. The list includes Trent Reznor, Al Jourgenson, Flea, Danny Carey (Tool), most of Killing Joke, ogHr (Skinny Puppy) and Throbbing Gristle amongst literally hundreds of contributors. They have some superb tunes and they all vary so much in sound, yet still sound like one band with one vision, which is awesome. The best album to get is “The Best of Pigface: Preaching to the Perverted” purely because it gives an awesome spread of the musical variation you’ll encounter across their music. Awesome tracks to check out: “Nutopia, Suck”

I’m just scratching the surface with the crazy amounts of Industrial bands out there, so I’ll try and post up some more about it as I discover more, if ya’ll like it, that is. If not, why the fuck have you read this far?


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